New Teacher's Support Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-23


New teachers require orientation and support in their new occupation centers which can significantly improve the learning outcomes. Teachers play a significant role in the overall education system and supporting new teachers ensures that they are aware of what is expected of them within the learning environment. New teachers should be received well by the existing teachers through mentoring programs to ensure that they are provided with the necessary guidance primarily due to the practical aspect of teaching which reduces teacher's attrition. New teachers support should be introduced and supported as a school program which increases the success and conformity of the teachers to the individual school needs which lays a foundation towards professional development.

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Mentoring is the process of giving constructive guidance to new teachers by assigning experienced and existing teachers to new teachers (Hicks, Glasgow, & Mcnary, 2005). Teaching education programs can ensure that new teachers have knowledgeable mentors to guide and develop their teaching skills and practices under the school teaching culture (Fiene et al., 2009). Successful mentors dedicate their time towards ensuring that the new teachers can reach their maximum potential and competency in imparting knowledge to the students.

Reduction of Teacher Attrition

Stansbury & Zimmerman (2000), assesses the importance of teaching support programs whose primary aim is to reduce the high attrition rate amongst new teachers. New teachers face different challenges in their first day of work, supporting them personally and emotionally has proved to reduce high attrition by increasing the satisfaction of the new teachers. The support provided to the new teachers can be orientation, adjustment of working conditions to meet the individual needs of the new teachers and matching new and veteran teachers to be able to offer support to the new teachers in the new environment.

Professional Development

Spuhler & Zetler (1993) and Meister (1990) identify the professional aspect of providing support to new teachers. Teaching is a profession with rules and policies that have been developed over a long period. Supporting the new teachers helps create a foundation towards professional development which ensures long-term success and consistent growth of the new teachers to meet the set objectives by the schools and the education ministries.


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