Employee Resourcing

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Employee Resourcing is an integral part of any organization as it forms the basis of how work is done and who is responsible for doing it. The process of employee resourcing entails matching human resources to strategic and operational demands of a firm therefore ensuring optimization of this resources. It is the objective of human resources to recruit professional and quality staff, appraise and retain them to ensure efficient and effective performance. By so doing, the organization is assured of having a competitive edge over their competitors. In the same aspect, staffing is a continuous process that involves placement, development growth of staff through training and appraisal of subordinate counselling in addition to conducting transfers and promoting employees. Giving incentives which can be financial or non-financial to workers leading to higher productivity, boosts morale and creates a conducive working environment between the managerial staff and the subordinate staff. Performance appraisal is beneficial in the retail industry because apart from boosting employees morale and productivity it attracts and retains qualified profession. Moreover, this gives the company good reputation enabling a company stay competitive and relevant in the industry. Having the right footing from the start of employee resourcing saves the company time for they do not have to do frequent recruitments and increases company profit.

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Soliciting, training and retaining staff has never been an easy task. Staffing the right people in retail sector is crucial since it ensures employee retention and saves the company resources and money as a result of low employee turnover. Customer Service Expert, Anne M.Orbaski once said that great employees are not born but developed in a proper business atmosphere where training is emphasized. Staffing methods can broadly be categorized as `hard skills method and `soft skills method. Hard skills mode of staffing is more of `how-to-do whereby one gives step by step instructions to acquire specific skills for example how to write reports, stocking and conduct inventory checks whereas soft, skill staffing is concerned with conditioning employees behavior. Soft skill entails training aspects such as courtesy safety, efficiency and customer service. The method of training is based on somebody`s past experiences that worked. Employees can make an emotional investment in the job because it is accommodative. Soft skill creates room for the employers to incorporate their personalities. The trainer in this method is more open to ideas, new methods and suggestions from the employees. Staffing creates a platform for trust and transparency at the work place, regular feedback band and creates a channel for career advancement (Khan 2016).

There are different types of performance appraisal and the type of appraisal chooses depends on the company`s objectives and country. Performance appraisal is dual purpose acting as an evaluation and feedback tool. Performance appraisal as an evaluation tool identifies if there is any performance gap. On the contrary, it gives the employee feedback on the quality of his performance. Also, the employer is able to get feedback from the employee if there is a job pertaining issue. By analyzing the performance appraisal, this tool supports and improves employee`s performance in retail store by being the yard stick that tells if the employee has underperformed or performed according to the companies standards. The appraisal tells him what is expected of him, how well he has done it and helps him improve his performance and rewards the employer for doing superbly (ANPAS 2015).

As an evaluating tool, performance appraisal can support employees performance in a retail store by boosting his job morale and increasing self-esteem. By ascertaining that the employee is a performer, he /she becomes motivated to work more and better. This implies also that the employee will shun poor habits and behaviors. As a result this improves customer service implying that the retail sector makes more profit. A profitable company has no difficulty in rewarding its employers. Analyzing performance of an employee helps determine if the worker is an asset to the company and if so, he deserves to get pay rise. Therefore, performance appraisal is a proof for pay rise or termination of an individual (Gluck n.d.). In a retail store, performance appraisal can support the improvement of employees performance by being a communication tool. Well-designed job appraisals can be a pathway for initiating candid dialogue between co- workers and supervisors pertaining to employment goals and objectives. This rapport can heighten performance and productivity in additional to ascertaining the employees development needs.

A well and standard performance appraisal should have clear parameter and should not be intimidating to the employees. Evaluation needs to be inclusive of communication review methodologies and etiquette which relates to interpersonal interaction/dialogue. Another way in which a performance appraisal supports the improvement of employees performance is by determining training and development needs of the individual. Training advances the career of the employer and makes him have higher chances of getting job promotions , have bargaining power for better salary and improves his overall performance. Performance appraisal forms the foundation for research and reference for future personal decisions. Employee is able to leverage positive performance for salary increase/promotion. This encourages the employee to be a better performer.

Performance appraisal is personalized and rewarding which in turn gives the employee boldness, the power to do his best in addition to having meaningful recognition. It provides a platform for in-house competition. The appraisal is a foundation for managers to explain organizational goals on a one-on-one basis and the manner in which employees can engage and participate in achievement of company goals. Consequentially, the employee gets sense of direction and belonging. The employees become more accountable for their job performance. The fact that an employee expects an appraisal in the course of the year, the document gives him/her an opportunity to prepare in good time. Similarly, he is able to identify which skills suit him / the skills he lacks /needs to acquire and in deed improve on (Benefits 2012). He can be able to know if he needs more training towards being a more skillful and knowledgeable employee. He is in a position to discuss personal strengths and weaknesses with his superiors giving him a chance to discuss personal concerns (halogen Software 2016).

Performance appraisal is a structured process for employees for it is an indicator that an employer cares about the employees well-being and career satisfaction. Whether the results of the appraisal are good or bad, the employee is held accountable for the results. He is able to comprehend the logic behind his decisions regarding salary, promotion, opportunity for training and work assignments. The final result is the ability to set future goals and acquire recognition. According to a report by Forbes magazine(July,2012), the indication was that performance appraisals are effective if an employee uses them to his/her advantage for it is an opportunity to advance career and chat with his reviewers. It is feedback about performance. However, if misused, it can have negative experience to both the employer, employee and the organization at large.

Recruitment is can be defined as the process of finding the right candidates for the job, reviewing their academics and screening them for an organization. It assures a company of hiring skilled professions who are fit and meet the companys standards. Via right recruitment procedure, a company is able to solicit competent and productive workers who are able to remain loyal to the company.

There are many recruitment and selection techniques which include in- person networking at professional events or community events. Another technique is getting referrals from existing employers, giving effective and informative recruiting websites, putting job adverts on online social networking at social sites such as Facebook. Innovation of technology has made the recruiting process easy for organizations. Social media has made advertising cheap and the company can be able to reach millions of people at the touch of a button. Attending and exhibiting jobs at career fairs at colleges, universities and community sponsored events has proved to be efficient and effective despite being considered traditional for many. Lastly, companies can tap into the online and off-line social networks of current employees is also a selection technique (Heathfield 2016).

The key issues involved in influencing employee performance are interpersonal factors that are based on the treatment of the appraise from the feedback of the appraiser. Interpersonal factors play a key role in influencing the result of the interaction of the employer and the employee (Koorsgard & Robertson 1995). During evaluation, raters should treat the ratees with respect and fairness and support them. Trust should also be the foundation of the entire procedure for the whole procedure to be effective and result oriented (Thurston 2010).

A major issue pertaining to influencing an employee is employee attitude and performance appraisal system. The employee attitude is coherently linked to satisfaction within the system. Understanding the employees attitude concerning the appraisal in an organization determines the appraisal effectiveness. If the Performance appraisal is biased or political, it will be perceived to be unfair and a source of dissatisfaction within the system (Mc Dawall & Fletcher 2004). The PAS is a critical aspect of the acceptance and effectiveness of the system. Employee dissatisfaction and perception of biasness and inequality leads to the unsuccessfulness of the entire procedure (Lutich 2014). The condition to be perceived as fair by the employees, must give them an opportunity to appeal against their performance ratings, the dimension of the job needs to be relevant, and have a high degree of job knowledge. The process should be accommodative and have action plans of dealing with any weaknesses. The organizational climate must be cooperative rather than competitive (Murphy & Cleveland, 1995; Landy et al, 1978). It's not only the ratees' attitudes towards the PAS that is critical. Even the attitudes of the raters is also critical to the system (Brown et al, 2010). The attitudes and approach the raters to the process has been shown to influence the quality of the appraisals. Some raters have indicated that they are reluctant to conduct the appraisals saying that they hated conducting appraisals, ''second only to firing employees''.

An employees motivation apart from the financial motivation is a key player behind influencing his performance. He needs to be proactive in company projects and being directly involved in company processes and daily chores as well as having career development influence an employer and catapults him to be more relevant in the organization. Lack of motivation can hinder the employer from giving his best. Managerial standards should be in sync with the duties assigned to employees. This ensures the employees stay motivated and steers forth their performance (Root 2016). It is worth noting that...

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