NCU Education Program Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-13

Cost of Higher Education

During the earlier courses of the program, I chose to tackle the cost of higher education which is the universal problem in pursuing any career. This favors the rich in the society and eliminates equity and inclusion since the marginalized communities are left without. Unlike countries like Europe that offers free university education, the United States of America charges between $20000 - $350000 leaving the majority struggling financially. The proposed solution was to borrow student loans, but due to the diminished job market, they became a burden. Since the less fortunate and less educated have no say, it indicates that they are neither equity nor inclusivity.

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There were suggestions made for building a new pricing model for the 21st century because currently, the current model dates back to the 70's. This would allow students to pay a lower price upfront and opens the opportunity to access a subscription of any course throughout their lifetime. However, I thought the simpler solution was to reduce the gap between social classes by monitoring equity and inclusion. There is a need for acceptance of diversity in all institutions so that they can publish tuition information by academic programs and income. The net price can be released by schools to the government to share the socio-economic status of the students. I chose to work on a different problem from the Capstone because I felt like this was the most common and relatable problem among institutions.

Acquired Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

Since the start of the program, there has been a noticeable improvement in my research and writing skills. Analytical skills that are required to evaluate problems critically began to feel more natural. It is important to identify complex situations and find relevant information before developing options and implementing solutions. When a researcher is presented with many challenges or solutions, they need to prioritize the most suitable solution depending on their effects on the present situation and their impact on the future. As for data collection techniques, I was able to learn about different new cites and journals that contain related information to my course.

Furthermore, I was able to improve my communication skills during presentations and in my writing. Details are what holds each project together, and it should always be taken into consideration. Moreover, I had the opportunity to improve my intellectual and knowledgeable skills which have been eye-opening to the educational and community issues.

Advice to New Students

NCU has instilled professional skills, attributes and knowledge to effectively deal with any problem presented to the graduates in their field of work. The institution encourages them to take on leadership roles that will be crucial to their professional growth. By providing accurate knowledge of subject matter, graduates can communicate clearly and effectively address appropriate standards. Through the assignment which investigated evidence-based solutions for addressing educational, organizational and community issues, I was able to identify the high cost of education, propose a suitable solution that would eradicate the problem currently and, in the future, and communicate my research. I would advise any new student to work closely with the lectures to ensure that they make the most out of this opportunity. This institution cares not only about knowledge but also about the skills that its students require to be successful in their careers.

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