Essay Sample on Teachers Struggle With Indiscipline Cases

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The instructors find it difficult to deal with indiscipline cases s regarding the students when they get involved in mistakes. At times it is challenge g to the teachers to find the best way to solve the problems that tend to be repeated amongst the student or by the same individual students. In some cases, the students are involved in cases that seem to require serious penalties which may not be met easily by giving the light punishments. The teachers, in this case, find it difficult to give one that measures up to the degree of the mistake done by the students. To ensure that there are wellness and balance in the handling of the students fairly and to help them go into the kind of people they are expected to be they opt to give suspension punishments. This will involve sending the student out of school for some time depending on the magnitude of the mistake done by the student. The student with a lighter mistake is given a few numbers of days home outside class while those with serious offenses are given several days home. Some may end up being given expulsion from the right school when they become unmanageable or too notorious for the teachers to handle. In as much as this is done to help in instilling and to maintain discipline in the students, it several impacts on the student's behavior and performance as well. The general conduct of the student may also be affected by this act of suspending them:

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It is likely to lead to the deteriorated performance of the student as a result of taking time outside class. As the student is suspended from school, most of them who are not having the personal tutors at home will miss the whole content of what the teacher exposes in class. This limits their understanding of the concepts even if they resume to school too because they have lost contact with the teachers. The behavior of the student will eventually be affected by the fact that the student will feel isolated from the others who have been in class. The gravity may drive them to the feeling that they are not able to catch up and some may end up dropping out of school completely if not well, advice and counseled in good time. One of the greatest impacts of in-school-suspension and out of school suspensions is the increasing number of students who drop out of school as a result of being suspended. This, therefore, has attracted interests and efforts are concentrated to bring control over the same. It is though difficult to make decisions of removing the suspension as a way of punishment in schools since the impacts of students not being punished is as well anticipated to be disadvantageous.

The behaviors of the students as well in a greater way. The environment of the students has an out of dictations on their social life and their general behavior. When students are kept out of school for longer times, and they are left with less time to interact with the teachers and fellow students, they will spend much of their time with those people who are outside school. These could be school drop outs or just them who had gone beyond the level and are past that level. This will make the student conform to the patterns of the out of school environment. They will, therefore, have a very different character and ways of doing things from the way they would have done if they were kept in school and directed. The interaction of the peers is very important for the students and if they fail to find enough time to interact well. Then they may feel let out. This very act may result in a depression to the students as a result of loneliness due to t the feeling tet they do not fit in any of the groups. Them that have completed school will obviously have a different story to tell, as well as them that are below and hence if a student is sent out of school for a long time or frequently, then they may have such variations in their behavior.

Suspending the students out of school to instill discipline in them may also result in them losing trust in their teachers. Some of the students may perceive the act as rejection from the teachers who send them out of school. For such students, it is very difficult to bring them back to the original state of their mind. From this feeling, they will develop hatred towards the teachers and some may even go ahead to organize for retaliation events to the teachers. This can account for habits in them which later become their character and may lead them into a criminal offense. The feeling of rejection on the suspended students may as well give trouble to their parents who may as well be compelled to misunderstand them and worsen the condition of their life.


In conclusion, better ways of offering punishment should opt to help the students remain on the right track even after correction. At the same time, the teachers should have a motive of making the students understand exactly why they have to be suspended and why it is important for them. Counseling should be majored to help rectify those who come from suspensions and to advise them to change to avoid the frequent occurrence of the same.

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