Standards 3 and 4 of Naeyc Learning Methodologies Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

The NAEYC Standard 3 Reflective Statement - What teaching methodologies do I apply to ensure that young learners conceptualize the learning process?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) reckons Standard 3 on the quality of the teachers' role in the pedagogical process (Gordon & Browne, 2016). In the third standard teachers or educators are mandated to ensure that learners get the best out of the instructional process to skill and competence acquisition. Teaching preschoolers need the teacher to ensure that the teaching content and the instructional resources aid the teaching and learning process. On the same note, it is essential to understand that the learning material and the teaching process is prior meditated to ensure competence and effective content delivery. Lastly, Standard three of the pedagogical procedures needs an educator to balance the indoors and outdoors activities to increase the holistic development of young learners in their natural environment (Gordon & Browne, 2016).

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The relevance of the NAEYC Standard 3

As a teacher, the third NAEYC Standard created an insight changing the overall perception with which I would normally use to implement the policy requirement for the instructional practices for early childhood education. The standard has given a basic understanding of the overall teaching process especially for 3 to 6-year-old preschoolers. For example, teaching creative activities to a class of ten learners will need integration of the curriculum content and the necessary learning requirements. It, therefore, untrained educators without conceptualization of the NAEYC Standards to handle young kids will fail to ensure that the learning process is age sensitive and contextual. Using the hands-on teaching skill will increase the learners understanding of the pedagogical content and processes.

Actions Taken

In the implementation of standard 3, NAEYC policy requirements need my expertise as a teacher to ensure that the learning process is not wholly delegation or dominated to the learners on the understanding of the teaching skills. Therefore, in teaching young children skills that will need creativity requires me as a teacher to identify distinct responsibilities both for me and the learners. A good example is when 3-year-old learners in my class are making two-sided hand paint will require providing the necessary materials and demonstrating how they need to imitate and make their own samples. Demonstrating the first example it is important for the learners to redo the activities severally for some other times using other types of prints like potato paints and leaf paintings. In the process of the learner-centered teaching young preschooler will be able to ensure that they contextualize the teaching and learning process effectively for quality teaching process as stipulated by standard 3 (Bergin & Bergin, 2014).

The NAEYC Standard 4 Reflective Statement- How effective are the evaluation techniques I adapt to ensure my learners maximize their learning level?

The NAEYC Standard 4 gives references on the best possible strategies to ensure that evaluation of young learners increases their learning ability assessment as well as make fair and sound quantification of the pedagogical process The Standard is a pivotal standpoint for the teacher to quantify the effectiveness of the pedagogical process as well as ensuring the possible measure of the extent of learners understanding on the learned content (Gordon & Browne, 2016). In a professional capacity, the fourth NAEYC Standard evaluates the learners' level of content understanding as well as their ability to implement the taught content, especially when doing practical skills.

The relevance of the NAEYC Standard 4

The NAEYC Standard 4 provides the teacher with an evaluation platform to make proper and level relevant assessment of the learned content understanding as well as the application of learned concepts. The progress evaluation strategies need the teacher to come up with proper methodologies to increase the different strategies applied to evaluate learners' conceptualization of the pedagogical process. The prevalence of the knowledge base from the NAEYC Standard will empower me in the different ways to be used in assessing learners' abilities for different abilities and achievements. Through their policy understanding of the fourth standard am able to know that the different learners achieve different levels of competencies to increase their ability levels as well as ganging their efficiency in classroom participation. Through this evaluation, standard being able to evaluate my teaching skills and delivery of content for different members of the learning class.

Actions Taken

To ensure that my assessment of the preschooler's progress in learning will need me to give different levels of abilities as well as the comprehension skills acquired by the learners. In this sense, I will need to evaluate the speed taken by the learners in making their own undirected activities in creative activities. I will make close observations on the individualized performance of the learners as well as evaluating the cooperation and coordination with others (Bergin & Bergin, 2014). To conclude, the standard provides a better understanding of how to evaluate the learner's progress and achievement in teaching and learning process for young children.


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Gordon, A. M., & Browne, K. W. (2016). Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in early childhood education. Cengage Learning.

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