Survey Education: Journal Reflection

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Date:  2022-03-29

I was handed two surveys to help me understand my preferences when it comes to leaning and processing of information. The two surveys were the Learning styling inventory and the Kolb's Learning Style Questionnaire. The Learning Style Inventory was preferable since it would me develop specific learning techniques whereas Kolb's Learning Style Questionnaire was to help me understand the learning habits that I have learned over time. This is the main difference between the two surveys.

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However, the two surveys are similar in such a way that they help you understand the learning strategies that you have been doing wrong. I saw Kolb's Learning Style Questionnaire's question fifty-seven asking me whether I use logical approaches when I give answers. This question has helped me understand that there is need to be rational when learning and processing information. On the other hand, the Learning Style Inventory in its question nine raises the question of whether the best way for me to remember is by writing things down. This gave me a better understanding of the learning process and what I will have to put into practice to come up with better learning habits and tactics.

I felt like that these surveys were very sharp and on point. They pointed out my weaknesses and strength. In Kolb's Learning Style Questionnaire, I was asked, in question twenty-five whether I look for more detailed explanations before making conclusions and in question twenty-eight whether I make conclusions too quickly and I check none of them. This is an accurate reflection of myself. On the other hand, the score on the Learning Style Inventory indicates that I prefer visual and tactical learning as compared to audio. That exact cause I tend to remember what I see and experience other than what I hear. The surveys are also right on the part that is an activist as I like learning from experiences and being part of a process.

I learned a lot from the two surveys; Learning Style Inventory helped me learn that I am more of a visual and tactical learner and not an audio learner. On top of that, the scores I got from the Kolb's Learning Style Questionnaire indicate that I am more of an activist and theorist and less of a reflector and pragmatist. I like to a to take part in the learning process by combining both practical learning and theory. However, I cannot sit down and think rationally and critically before making conclusions or coming up with answers. I did not know that I was pragmatic, I always believed that I was more of a realistic and rational thinker or instead learn. However, the score of thirteen in Kolb's Learning Style Questionnaire has made me realize otherwise.

I believe that teachers can use the Learning Style Inventory to enhance teaching in the following. First, the can use it to categorize students regarding those that prefer audio, visual and tactical learning. In this way, they will be able to design their teaching strategies to ensure that each student is not left out. Second, teachers can use the survey to come up with specific special classes for the different learning preferences of the student. This will not only help in the proper coverage of syllabus in time but also ensure that every student is involved in the learning process. Third, the use of the Learning Style Inventory will help the teachers in giving homework, take away cats and reading assignments. Teachers will be able to assign these tasks to students according to their learning preferences. In this way, every student will be more comfortable with what is required of him or her.

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