My Philosophy of Teaching

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Date:  2021-03-04

Teaching is what I love most. A teacher is one person among the few who have the opportunity to change ones life and forever the person will never be the same again. A good teacher should be able to create a good learning and teaching environment and then be able to utilize every single opportunity for passing on whatever he/she has. In doing this one can increase knowledge and understanding that in turn transform the life of the learner positively. A teacher is among the great destiny changers who even though might not be there to behold the glory of their success they still work hard to better the lives of many.

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As a good teacher, I must, first of all, understand the students. Without taking the time to know my audience, I might use a lot of time or struggle to pass on what am supposed to. This is because each student has different capacity to learn and comprehend whatever was taught in class. They do not learn at the rate neither do they conceive at the same speed. Some are slow learners while others are fast learners. They have a different background that affects their studies and are talented in a variety of ways. Hence therefore as a teacher, I must strive to tailor my lessons in a way that they can meet every student needs that will enable them to grow and challenge them at their various capacities.

I also believe that I have to be competent in my area of specialization. I should be in a position to understand how knowledge is created, organized and linked to other subjects and also help the students to know how to analyze, apply, synthesize and evaluate all they read and hear. I have to maintain professionalism at all times while in class and promote mutual respect between the learners and myself. It's only when the students recognize me that I will be able to communicate well with them. Having a lot of content about your subject is good, but still, appropriate communication skills should be in place for better understanding. I have to be decent both outwards and also character wise. As a teacher, I get to understand that am the greatest role model of my students and among the biggest influence in their surrounding hence should always conduct myself in a manner worthy of their respect. Still while encouraging mutual respect, I still should be approachable to the students. I should always be there to encourage and motivate my students and not discriminate them in any way. My focus should always be for their betterment and growth. This will, therefore, call for total dedication and understanding that my primary role is always to serve. To do all this effectively, then I must always be ready to learn because as said the best teachers never stop learning.

For any learning to take place, I must therefore as a teacher understand on how to create a healthy learning environment for the students. By healthy, I mean the environment should be cultivating and encouraging in every way for students to learn. This could be mainly through bringing relevance by connecting whatever is being taught in class to real life experience. It is until students perceive the significance of whatever is taught in class in their future life, will they then be able to appreciate more whatever is taught. A well-managed environment should encamp good classroom control. There should be freedom of expression among the students. This will help the student to seek clarifications and hence a greater understanding of each other. An excellent learning environment will also support the network for students between home and school. This is mainly a partnership between the teacher and parents. Without a proper learning environment, students will not be able to understand and comprehend what is being taught.

Lastly, as a teacher, I must employ appropriate teaching and learning methods for the students. Different subjects require different methods of teaching. With the changing world, embracing technology while teaching is one of the most efficient ways of passing knowledge. The students can appreciate more because they quickly identify with the new dynamics. Also in using technology as a teacher, I will be able to find out the most trending issues in my area of interest and will always be updated with current information. Another way that I employ while teaching is the use of discussion groups. Here students will learn to share their opinions and also appreciate other peoples opinions. Focus groups trigger the thinking capacities of students and stretch them to new dimensions. Focus groups are among the useful tools in uniting the students. Appropriate questions and questioning techniques are also crucial for every teacher. The questions will be able to open up students mind and enlighten them more in whatever subject is being taught.

Teaching can be very enjoyable or hectic depending on how you do it. As I said earlier, knowledge alone in your area of specialization is not enough, appropriate skills should still be kept in place for better content delivery. I hope to improve daily as I teach and give the best I can to the students.

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