White Identity and White Privilege Essay

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Date:  2022-03-28


White identity and privilege have been cherished for several decades. Whites representation is widely esteemed; hence their supremacy undermines blacks thus shadowing their rights. Arguably, white identity is the cause of white privilege since dominance has been championed for decades depending on the laws that were in action during the early 20th century. For instance, Virginia state upheld the law that valued the identity of whites as pure people who were not supposed to interrelate with blacks (McNtosh, 2010). White supremacy, therefore, was promoted by the rules that were in place. This essay seeks to show that white identity and privilege is an opinion that is not common among whites as portrayed by the surveys done in both multiracial and whites' schools.

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Examining the Impact of White Identity and Privilege on Black Supremacy

In most cases, whites' identity and supremacy make black women on black women champion for the undermining of black superiority in favor of white privilege and white character. On the other hand, McNtosh (2010) 20 asserted that in most cases, white saree chelitos not to recognize in any way white privilege the same way men are taught not to surrender they are powers as a way of enabling women to realize they are position and strength in the society. According to Perry (2011), white identity does not change even if they attend multiracial institutions since, in white schools, every aspect is done in the perspective of white identity. However white identity is highly valued and all institutions respective of the fact that social interactions usually reshape human behavior and association concerning erase your lines.

The Influence of Social Constructs on White Identity and Privilege

On the other hand, the socially constructed nature of the race is also a contributor to white identity as it has been found to contribute to the ambivalence and contradictions associated in addition to that white privilege. The relevance of the survey that was done on students who attend multiracial schools vs. white schools brought up a precise definition of whiteness. The dominance of whites in most contexts made the aspect of white identity and privilege to be exalted. Therefore, white identity is a factor that is contributed by the social gap and cultural gap with broad characteristics to the American culture.

The Subjectivity of White Identity, Privilege, and American Culture

Since why students were unable to define rest even in multiracial schools, cultural identity is an aspect that makes both whites and blacks to define white identity, privilege and culture is a subjective opinion. Many students describe being white as a skin complexion, and most of them did not understand the meaning of the term American culture completely. Since most whites are unable to define white identity and culture, the aspect of white privilege and white character is mostly contributed by other races like blacks and native Americans. Most native Americans are usually made to believe that they are taken for granted by because white identity is given more privileged than other races.


In conclusion, white identity and privilege are usually related to the color that is being either white or black. Besides, the aspect of considering ways to be privileged than other races is typically an opinion that is championed by other races but unknown to most whites. Even though most people consider weight I needed to have been cherished for several decades, the privileges have been champions by the loss that you are allowed to be signed into bills in the society and which were not revised according to the quest of other races to question the supremacy and identity of the white.


Perry, P. (2011). Shades of white: White kids and racial identities in high school. In R. Arum & Beattie, I.R. (Eds.), The Structure of Schooling (pp. 338-354). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

McIntosh, P. (2010). White privilege and male privilege. Unpacking the Invisible Backpack: A critical anthology, 121.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

Q: Can you explain white identity and privilege?

A: White identity refers to the social construction of whiteness, including cultural norms associated with being white. White privilege refers to advantages experienced by individuals of color in society due to systemic or historical factors that they encounter more often due to having white skin.

Q: How are white identity and privilege maintained in schools?

A: White identity and privilege can be perpetuated through various means in schools, such as curriculum choices that prioritize white history and perspectives, lack of representation for diverse voices and experiences, as well as unequal treatment and discipline based on racial biases.

Q: Will Attending Multiracial Schools Change White Identity and Privilege?

A: While multiracial schools may provide valuable exposure to new perspectives and experiences, white identity and privilege remain deeply embedded within society's structures, cultural norms, and individual's identities shaped by their wider social environment; consequently attending multiracial schools alone may not lead to any significant shift in this regard.

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