Reasons and Impacts of Learning Through Reflection

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People incorporate different methods of capturing, processing and getting hold of the knowledge that they learn in different places; these methods are called modes of learning. Varying people have different ways that they use in education, many prefer combinations like reading and visuals while others will prefer a specific means to acquire and maintain the knowledge. In this paper, the focus will be on the mode of learning through the reflection. The method can trace its inception from Dewey although he also modified the concepts from early educators who included Plato and Aristotle. Reflection is taking a moment of thinking for a span of time to relate recent experiences to the ones which happened a long time ago. It helps to create a complex and a more scaling mental pattern. The pattern of thinking involves; checking on the variations, checking on the similarities and then making relations between the two subjects of connection more extensively than their overview just. The method of learning aims to enhance essential skills in the thinking process. The method impacts in us the skills of interpretation in our undertakings, this happens while relating the present and the past. It also helps us to create a regular mode of thinking; this is where we have to make a chronological order in our daily activities. Lastly, the method happens us to be orderly in our work and mode of thinking too; it is through being orderly that we can be able to make of what happened in the past in comparison to the current situation.

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There are different models used in the reflective mode of learning. The three mains models are; Johns model, Gibbs model, and Atkins and Murphy model. In this paper, the primary focus will be on the Gibbs model of learning. It is a guideline in learning and teaching methods. Thus, it means it is more applicable to the nursing and teaching profession (Mantzoukas, 215-220). The model includes the following steps, of which are cyclic.

1) Description

In the description part, the following considerations are made,

-What happened?

- The primary concern in the situation that occurred?

2) Feelings

-What was I thinking?

-What was I feeling?

3) Evaluation

-What was good about the experience?

- What was negative about the experience?

4) Analysis

-What sense can I make of the situation?

- What impact can be driven by the situation?

5) Conclusion

-What was the alternative reaction?

- What were the pros and cons of the alternatives?

6) Action Plan

-What would I do if the same situation arose again?

Reason for Choosing the Model

I chose this model because it acknowledges me to think critically and chronologically about the different stages of an activity or an experience, this is through the use of all the phases of the model. Each step in the model is also well elaborated. Thus, things will be more comfortable when making a precise analysis of the description that one is due. The method also gives me a chance to be acuter in the approach to all my undertakings. Gibbs model also allows me to look at a situation from some perspectives and how to make reactions in the handling of the cases if they happen again in the future. The method has made both my professional and academic life easier when it comes to reflection, which is because of the model's simplicity and straightforward approach (Finlay, 2-20).

Gibbs model also has a negative side which might not often be seen. The question in this model is narrow and will end up requiring professional and experienced people guidance at some point. Since there are no detailed questions in the available phases of the model, it will necessitate the incorporation of another model which is more detailed. The honesty required to oneself at the stage of feeling and evaluation might be intimidating since it needs an overlook at oneself, which might lead one to make solo-judgments. Even though there are a few cons of the model, the pros are more significant and outdo the negatives.

Main Things Learnt

Through applying the model by John, I was able to learn numerous things which I did not priory apply nor know. Below are among the three main things that I learned from the model of reflective learning:

Through the model, I have determined to make a proper analysis of every situation and experience that I undergo in my daily undertakings. Thus, I can be able to keep a descriptive record of all the happenings that needed attention in my schedule. Through the description, I can now capture the main points of my experiences. It is through the model I was able to learn on the importance and reasons for keeping records of experiences (Mitchell, 653-657). It was rare that I used to keep on the experience records, this is because I did not find a reason for doing so. Experiences about situations in my life were just a past which was not supposed to influence my future or my present, in fact, the experience was part of a future distraction which I did not need to have a record of any time. But on keeping in touch with the recommendation learned from John about reflection, I discovered that I was wrong, it is the experience that shapes our future career. Through the use of expertise, one can avoid cases where they would repeat the same thing that they did in the past, which were mistakes.

Through Gibbs model, I have learned the importance of analysis. The method has an emphasis on the impacts of analyzing situations and making the most out of the review. In most cases, it is not easy to find a person going to fetch in-depth information about a situation that they are undergoing, and it was the same case with me. But after going through this method of learning, I have been able to know the importance of analysis and started incorporating them into different aspects of my career. Through the review, I have learned on eliminating the past mistakes. It is through sharpening my skills on whatever I did earlier, if I made an error in the past, I can keep off the mistake and acting better in the situation. Also, via analysis, I can also be able to predict the outcome of a case, for example on a surgical operation, it is possible to know the expectations of the patient. The analysis also helps me to broaden my knowledge scope, there were very many things in the nursing career that one goes through in a working day, so when reflection is applied nothing becomes very hard to deal with in the future, and at the end, articulacy is gained.

The third thing I have learned from the Gibbs method is having an action plan. An action plan is where one evaluates broadly on all the chances available before acting towards a particular direction. Mostly in my nursing career where I must make the appropriate decision, there is no room for error. Thus, I will have to take all the available choices before giving services to the patient, after taking the available opportunities, I can be able to weigh between the pros and cons of each option the go with the one which will be more appropriate and perfect in the prevailing situations. It has been a significant improvement which I can acknowledge so far after starting to use the Gibbs. It is a great stride ahead that I have made in my career through evaluation in an action plan.

The information from this model partially differs from my basic knowledge in my career, though some of what I had rhymes with the model. Some of what differs from my prior understanding in my career is to start with, the importance of experience, this model by Gibbs has emphatically emphasized on the impact of using experience to determine our day to day activities. Gibbs says it is essential to make an analysis of the past experiences and pick out the situations which require attention from the circumstances. It is what he says will help one to improve on the articulacy and then upgrade one's skills for the future. Many of the things taught through watching can be learned through reflection too, after making a mistake, one does not require an extensive period of visuals to be articulate, it is possible to learn from the reflection and know the requirements at each point.

There is a similarity in the method and my previous knowledge in the perspective of making chronological orders about an event. From the necessary skills learned from the nursing class, it was significant that one made sure that there was order in everything they did. And thus, I have been assured to maintain order in my services. It includes knowing why I have to do something, how the results will be, and the effect on the patient. It remains to be basic skills taught in class and the foundation to the nursing career. The method also emphasizes on the evaluation of the negative and positive side of action. It is something that I have been very keen on in my career endeavors. Reason being in a career in nursing, it offers little or no chance for error.

Different models would be of use in reflection learning; the others include John's model and Atkins and Murphy reflective models. Each model has its means of expressing knowledge. Thus employees using different methods are due to produce different outputs. People gain skills depending on their levels of capturing information, and this is dependent on the model maximized on. The more complex and straightforward the model, the better the knowledge.

Knowledge is one potent force that can build or crash one's career. Mainly when it is a nursing career, this is where there is no room for errors. In nursing, one is expected to have full equipment of knowledge, thus the more the experience gained in each situation, the better the career gets set. Precisely, the knowledge gained is supposed to make a positive impact on the job of the nursing practitioner and make the learner more equipped. Each type of knowledge gained in all avenues have to take a particular procedure; this procedure is acquired from the models. The models might not give the knowledge that one requires because they do not have the basic content of any course, but they are the set guidelines towards the attainment of the needed knowledge. Thus, being a good learner is one thing, but being an equipped learner in a career is another thing. New knowledge will be due to makes one fit and at the same time, gives alternatives to every situation.

Entry 1b

In this entry section; I used Gibbs method of reflective learning.

Event analysis

During my practical attachment to a week's event, I was working in a surgical ward. I worked under the supervision of my mentor caring for an old man who had just undergone surgery. I was required to remove his wound dressing from the abdomen so that the doctor would have a look at its development for that week, as per requested by the doctor. On one of the days in my usual Rota, I undressed the wound and cleaned it entirely using the non-touch procedure. My mentor was called in an urgency to go and look at a just arrived patient who was in a dangerous condition, so under his instructions, I was left looking at, the patient.

The doctor returned to us from another patient of whom she was examining a wound too. And I made a realization that she came forward to Mr. Peter (the patient who I was handling), and started examining his wound also. It was without washing her hands nor using the alcoholic gel for cleaning. The doctor was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, and it was a worry to me that it would be infected. I took a while thinking about what was right to do, but by the time I collected myself up, it was too late because she was already examining Peter.

Why it happened and the reaction

The incidence occurred due to my lack of courage. I did not gain enough courage to confront the doctor; this is because I found it no...

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