Strengths and Weaknesses of My Son Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-03

In this century, different people portray different weakness and strengths. Though, every person uses their strengths differently to overcome their weaknesses regardless of age bracket. The weaknesses must be overcome since they bear consequences that may affect the entire life, someone. Thus, my son bears the different strengths and a weakness which forms his ability to carry out certain activities as the weaknesses hamper some of his capabilities. Therefore, this essay seeks to establish the weaknesses and how to overcome them as well as the strengths of my son who is barely eight years of age.

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First, the strengths of my son are determinants of his abilities. First, my son is a quick learner; this is a strength that has seen from him for quite a while in many various occasions. He learns very quickly, especially on the adverts that are exhibited on the television. Once the advert is played on the televisions, he mimics the words very first unlike other children. Secondly, my son is blessed with the ability to easily create a good rapport with the people that he is unfamiliar with. Unlike other children, my son knows how to identify with people within the shortest time possible. In most occasions that one of the extended family members have visited us, he ends up creating an interactive atmosphere with all of them. Some kids fear people or are shy away when they see the unfamiliar face through my son exhibits the reverse of that weakness.

Thirdly, my son is enthusiastic to know what he is unfamiliar with. Anytime he sports any incident that he is not aware of then he would automatically raise a probing tone suggesting that he has the urge to know more on certain issues. Especially, during adventures or nature walk am always compelled to respond to every one of the things he finds unfamiliar. Additionally, this positive thinking enables him to score highly on most of his subject; this shows the level of creativity that is slowly developing in his brain. Nonetheless, he is courageous towards anything he sees regardless of the extent of danger o consequences that he is likely to face. For instance, he does not mind whether game park animals are dangerous or not because he touches them from their zoos every time that an opportunity has presented itself.

Forth, my son is ever jovial, unlike other children who live frowning. Virtually every time, the boy is always joyous and playful, and this has made his brain relaxed most of the times relaxed and free from stress that may otherwise make a kid overthink at the tender age. Lastly, he is multitalented; must is every portraying different skills and abilities depending on the circumstance. He is identified with some of the talents and hobbies that have proven his prowess in a different line of co-curriculum. He is a big fun of footballs, and this has increased the rate at which he plays footballs. Actually, on very many occasions I have attended the inter-tournament matches, and truly he exhibits promising football abilities. He is also identified with the constant music despite playing football. He sings frequently and always been inspired to be an artist.

Nevertheless, there some of his weakness that has seen as well as the strategies that underway plan that enables him to overcome this weakness. The first weakness that I have noted is that not unless forced, my son lacks confidence on certain issues. When my son does anything that does not revolve around his talents and hobbies, then he must always be compelled to do them. Thus, as much as much as something useful comes from a specific issue then he must be guided; otherwise, he might not be able to perform the task effectively. This weakness needs constant assistance since it may impair some of the better things in his life. Therefore, to overcome this challenge, I must always advise and encourage him to consider his prowess when handling any task.

Secondly, another conspicuous weakness is that sometimes he looks lazy and weary that you might think he is sick but when the diagnosis is done, the doctors establishes that he is all right. Since laziness is the real enemy of productivity; this is one of the weaknesses exhibited by very many people including adults. Therefore, to overcome this weakness, I encourage my son to set objectives based on his daily operations. When I assist him to program his day, he is mostly seen active and objective throughout the day; this makes him develop the mechanism that tends to eliminate the laziness. His last weakness is procrastination; this arises when he wants to do something, and either laziness or his friends call him and eventually prevents him from doing the intended task. For instance, when told to do his assignment and his friends arrive then choose to play with the friends as the homework is carried forward and done hurriedly when it is very late. Therefore, to overcome this challenge, I always insist on setting the goals for the next day before he sleeps.


In conclusion, do not wait until everything is done right when dealing when converting weaknesses to strengths. As a kid, one needs to correct them more often on conspicuous weaknesses since they will hamper his general strengths. Therefore as we are challenged by some of the imperfections, some stronger skills that human beings have that can be used to overcome the weaknesses.

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