Paper Example on a New Leader's Frugal Blueprint: Ensuring Student Wellbeing

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Date:  2023-02-23


Every organization bare organized strategic plan that ensures a successful performance of the goals they are set to meet. As a new leader in this school institution, I can't assume the roles towards the professionalism and provision of opportunities with greater impacts on what happens in the institution. This year, the institution is set to address two main items that will see the wellbeing of the students and school at large. These items would be the need to have a frugal librarian. secondly,building a community of library supporters.

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Firstly, the idea of having frugal librarian is important, generally, despite the possible factors for the downfall of an institution, there is a need of being in partnership, innovative, sharing and positive so as to provide resourceful, universal concerns, and presentation of creative solutions in the institution from the necessary research done in the library (Bausman & Ward, 2015). Secondly, about building a community of library supporters, in most cases, the community leaders may be unaware of the ongoing challenge experienced in the library until they are also engaged and invested. The community may use the library and enjoy the right to read besides, love the controversy books, however, the support and passion cannot be harvested unless they are engaged (Dickson & Repman, 2019). These will be done through sending invitations to groups in social media, initiate the community leaders to speak about the same in public forums in favor of the library. These items will help the institution to achieve; supplementary funding sources such as grants, money savings from the shared resources with tiered staffing for technology services and elaborate information technology and preservation and promotion of crucial library functions such as outreach, self-development, and programming despite the tough budget that the institution is going through.

A work flow chart representation of the roles of a teacher-librarian

Following the professionalism and skill about the role of the teacher-librarian, there can not be an assumption as a leader to ignore some of the prominent and crucial roles that are set for the success of the institution as a librarian. The major seven roles that are expected to be sufficiently performed are; advocacy, coordination, instructional designer, life long learner, teacher, leader, advocacy and teaching partner (Bausman & Ward, 2015). These are therefore detailed in the flow chart as below.



This strategic plan summarizes the mission of acquiring quality library resources andfrugal librarian to lead students in quality research work, also to build a community of library supporters for fund drives. It states weaknesses, opportunities, and threats likely to be met in the process. The strategy will involve the use of vendors, community supporters, the careful selection and tradeoff rewards to help meet these goals. An outline table shows the action plan with detailed objectives, measures of meeting the objectives, target of the plan and date timelines to achieve the set objectives. The last part of the plan describes the monitoring and evaluation table that will be carried out using a risk management matrix table.


Our mission is to ensure quality library resources and librarians to lead the students to proper research works,information literacy skills and online safety besides creating a positive attitude towards create a conducive atmosphere for students to handle reliable research work.

Vision and value statements

The visions for this strategic plan are to ensure that the students in school get a frugal librarian. secondly,building a community of library supporters. These two objectives are given priority due to the increased need for a qualified and frugal librarian who can teach the students the recommended research, information literacy skills, and online safety measures, this high demand has been caused by the present easy access to new technology, fake news and online sources (Nagra, 2019).School frugal librarians will be accomplished through working with vendors in conferences and face to face in the exhibits to get discounts, advice, and ideas on grant sources. Another way is by carrying out careful selection especially when funds are limited leading the selection of only materials that entice students most effectively to read and grasp high-quality information. Lastly, through bartering, this is when credibility is efficient giving you confidence in making interesting offers that are fully accepted.

The second goal of building a community of library supports can also be accomplished by observing real life and not a fairy tale, looking for support especially through application for grants particularly via donors choose, a supportive community such as the Sunday school class, a grant from Samsung for camera document and prestige learners, lastly by tradeoffs and rewards (Storey, 2019).All these will be followed carefully by the capacity in the position I bare in the library department to fight for resources and hopefully the library will be properly funded even with the focus of doing what I love and have trained to carry out.

The vision is to ensure efficient tactics for tough times, according to Storey (2019) it is impossible to do more for less, it is, therefore, wise to reposition the available to achieve the crucial and most demanding goals. The use of the stretched elastic band is, therefore, an alternative way to facilitate this, this will be elastic to performance of various factions once stretched and shape changed. On the real ground, it is necessary to stretch available funds by changing the available purchasing decisions on what to be done. Hence the need to prioritize, find funding sources and shop the best buy. Meaningfully, it helps in the creation of purchasing power by employing alternative solutions and innovative techniques to achieve the demands of the school library for quality service.

Strategic analysis

Strengths: the library equips students with life long learning through the taught skills on how to access reliable, accurate and trustworthy information sources. A teacher librarian accompanied by a well-served library with recommended resources together with the supportive team of skilled librarians can build students by imparting information literacy, how to keep safe online, digital literacy and boost a positive attitude of living (Dickson & Repman, 2019). Generally, the library is a Centre of learning, expression, creativity, and collaboration.

Weaknesses: lack of resources for the existing library and curriculuminitiative; As budgets go up and the rate of usage of library resources increases, the iniquity of a librarian, skill and planning should be done in search a way that staff and students have the best through borrowing, buying, or careful selection. Therefore, the existing library still lacks a frugal librarian.

Secondly, inadequate funds: most people value the importance of their kids getting access to books and are always ready to support such an idea. However, currently the only cash in the library account is $500 for the following year, there is no enough money to purchase enough books and supplies. According to Nagra (2019) spending, much time fundraising reflects less time working face to face with students to offer quality service as recommended.

Opportunities: working with vendors; vendors would be able to donate funds such as offering to stay Bound $6.00 sales at the start of October. Some venders might also offer great deals like, buy 4 books and get one free.Careful selection; using the little funds in the library account, this is done by giving priority to enticing materials to students to read and gain high-quality information.Bartering; based on credibility and sufficient logic, one can form interesting offers that can be accepted to raise funds and use in purchasing books and setting up quality service in the library (Storey, 2019).Involving a supportive community; library supporters include grants from sum sang, matching funds from modern women. The community help through investment in press releases board presentations to community groups, participation in PTO meetings, promotion activities results in dividends when the budget needs implementation, for example, the proposal wrote to PTO when the state funding for database lost and they accepted to fund it.

Threats: unintentional donor disrespect; a donor may feel disrespected by some behaviors and tactics example when they are called repeatedly or too late by night. Lack of clarity; when the parties getting involved in the campaign for the fund drive does not take time to explain their roles and responsibilities. Failing to cope up with charitable registration laws; some donors will need registration of the school or library before the residents are asked of their jurisdiction to donate.Ignoring donor wishes; the donor's wish should be considered concerning the use of funds less they would not be able to do the generous donation.


Working with vendors: the school will join conferences to facilitate connections with vendors representatives face to face and ask of advice and ideas of grant sources, this will involve using a target list of needs to meet the goal of achieving frugal librarian and community supports who can give grants for quality service to students.

Special funding initiatives: the school will create a one-page handout that reflects the visions and missions of the library towards the instrumental goals, implementation framework of the library support, additional data on the cost of the program to give support to the initiative

Careful selection: the limited funds in the school library accounts will be used to achieve the materials that are of higher demand and most effective in enticing students to read and grasp high-quality education. It is necessary to

Supportive communit: the school will include the local Sunday school class, school PTO, coordinated school health committee, title wave fundraisers and money and book donations from parents so that students get the required books for their research. Furthermore, there is an option for free donations, a donation policy is believed to be very helpful.

Tradeoffs and rewards: seek funds from various tradeoffs and rewards to purchase more books and supplies for the need and growth of the students.

A district-level decision-making process: putting priorities at the district level relies on analysis on where the funds are currently being spent and where resources demand curriculum needs best. prioritizing at the district level requires input from the field. The school will, therefore, allow the districtwide committee set with the task to review the resources and provide effective decision-making information.

Shopping for alternatives: this means recognizing the alternatives either it is for database or on sprint resources, for example, instructing the students on the means and ways of setting up evaluation information portals like google alerts and expert opinions to reduce cost by availing resource streams for students. Secondly, the use of reading materials like kindle and Nook will help in expense reduction from the purchased titles that can be downloaded to six of these materials.

Action plan

The year 2020_2021 action plan will be strictly aimed at meeting the set objectives of the year which summarizes seeking of funds from grants to foresee the attainment of the frugal librarian, to purchase books for students and to build a community of supporters to help in the donation of funds towards the attainment of the needed resources. It is the administrative role that will involve giving many prior...

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