Multimodal Medium Essay: Need for Personal Fitness

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Date:  2022-08-15

Fitness not only refers to the physical condition of an individual but may entail the mental state as well. Personal fitness includes different activities that help build a human being both physically and mentally. When a person is considered as fit, it means that they are capable of living life properly with less pressure especially concerning health. Personal fitness is critical in the human being since for human with both physical and mental health fitness; they are prone to medical problems or conditions. If an individual is physically unfit but mentally unstable, then they would not function optimally; however, one can only acquire mental fitness as long as the physical is fit too. In this paper, I will deliver a multimodal video concerning the need for personal fitness along with other benefits it offers in the human body.

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Personal fitness is amongst the critical issues in the current world since it encompasses different occurrences and happenings. Through the activities of fitness, it has proved to deliver significant and significant benefits to the human physical and mental wellness (Markula, 2017). For the longest time now, individuals have been considering personal fitness as just a practice in controlling the physical structure of the body. Personal fitness is the most critical attribute that every individual requires and needs to achieve their goals.

However, talking about fitness does not compose of just visiting the gym, but entails more than that. It is all about being healthy, in shape, and feeling motivated to work harder in every situation. There are different ways through which one may achieve this through workouts, yoga, meditation, among other fitness exercises. The need to enroll for personal fitness is imperative since it helps deliver a bridge between the physical and mental structure of an individual. When an individual is fit, it means they can maintain their optimum body weight and are healthier which sets a clear line on their goals. Physical activities help create a relaxed state of mind since both mental and physical strength help give a person the energy and power they need to face the struggles in life along with other drastic changes that may affect an individual.

Regardless of the need for personal fitness, there are different requirements to ensure the successful acquisition of the benefits. For instance, it requires a change in lifestyle. Change in lifestyle might comprise of the various practices meant to promote the achievement of personal goals. In this, it ensures that it teaches an individual on chasing goals along with the setting of specific goals within a given schedule since personal fitness requires the creation of a proper plan. On the other hand, it requires on to incorporate a routine (regular exercises) to achieve the desired goals. With the creation of such habits, it helps an individual understand the importance of a routine. Also, it helps people create daily routines that are helpful both physically and mentally. The accomplishment of a routine deals with daily activities that set a person ready to handle any challenges. It teaches an individual on the concepts of straining, struggling and pushing oneself to achieve a given milestone.


To sum everything, the need for personal fitness is critical especially to adults between 18 to 64 years. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are different personal fitness guidelines on various health recommendations. A weekly aerobic physical activity is one the recommendation which cuts across all genders and age groups.

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