Mixed Methods, Quantitative and Qualitative in Research Papers

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Date:  2022-12-04

According to Jimmy Leppink argument, I conquer his argument about Mixed Method being the best mostly in Medical science research papers. It involves integrating quantitative like surveys and experiments, collecting, qualitative interviews and focus groups and analyzing the research. Furthermore it has received several unconstructive labels which focuses more on science mostly the medical science. Moreover, there is the difference between mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative. According to Johnson, Russo and Schoonenboom, (2019) some labels of counterproductive describes best the qualitative and quantitative ,which can also work together with mixed methods. It shows how the quantitative and qualitative differences but they can work together and they include;

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The qualitative research assume single truth, and in quantitative it understands multiple truth, qualitative is described by most researchers to be expletory and quantitative as confirmatory. Quantitative occur before data collection while qualitative occur after data collection, and lastly, most research says that mixed methods are better than qualitative and qualitative analysis (Palinkas, Horwitz and Hoagwood, 2015).

According to Morgan, (2007) Mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative methods work well together mostly in scientific research. Additionally, the mixed methods and the used of quantitative and qualitative depends on each other mostly in research papers. Most researchers argue that research papers that uses mixed methods are only based on the data collection that has been made instead of the results. Furthermore mixed method is one of the most important techniques used in doing most of the research papers. It is because for one to understand how to apply qualitative and quantitative one has to know the mixed method and how it is used (Brannen, 2017).


In conclusion, the mixed method is mostly used in most of the medical science research papers thus better than quantitative and qualitative. Although most research argues that the mixed methods only focuses more on data collection rather than the results for one to use other methods like the qualitative and quantitative mixed method knowledge is required. Furthermore in most cases they are mostly used together to produce the best research papers.


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