Essay on Shop Beauty Needs at Ulta Beauty: Over 20,000 Products and Services

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Date:  2023-01-02


Ulta Beauty is an online and retailer in the United States of America dealing in beauty products. Ulta Beauty sells mainly cosmetics, salon beauty services, fragrance, hair care products, and skin care products. Ulta Beauty aims at providing customers with beauty needs a one-stop shopping experience through selling beauty products and services across the United States. Ulta Beauty has deals in over 20100 beauty products which are sold and provided both online and in physical stores. Shopping at Ulta Beauty is a great experience as the company has ensured customer satisfaction is an essential priority as stores and boutiques are well established for both self-service and full service at the boutiques such that customers have a great experience shopping. The firm has a great value proposition which aims at maintaining a better customer relationship with all customers of their products. Ulta Beauty stores are conveniently located in high traffic centers to ensure customers can easily access the stores and find beauty products. Ulta beauty operates over 950 physical stores across the US to ensure that most customers have access to their services and products.

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The Rationale for Choosing the Internship

An internship is one of the requirements in the completion of my course of study. The course requires every student to engage in a placement to utilize all the skills learned while studying. An internship is a form of skills learning and developing experience in a particular field of study. Therefore, this internship was expected to be instrumental in developing my industrial expertise as required in the study of my course at college. Ulta Beauty is an excellent opportunity for ensuring that I develop technical skills involved in the management of a site and selling products. At Ulta beauty one of the value proposition is to ensure customer relationship management, and this was an avenue to develop skills in customer relationship management. All in all, Ulta Beauty was my choice for attaining skill-based learning for both my studies and career development. Despite achieving coursework requirements, it has also provided an opportunity for industrial experience for my future career development.


At Ulta Beauty, I was able to find new clients for the company which was an excellent opportunity for the business. It was a unique opportunity to interact with new customers especially describing to them how the skin care products worked. Ulta Beauty mainly focuses on developing customer experience, and communication with customers was a great experience. Also, this was an advantage to the firm to increase its products as I was able to convince the new customer to acquire beauty products from Ulta Beauty stores.

Moreover, while interning hitting targets was one of the most challenging tasks at the store. One day I hit my target, and it was a great experience with everyone congratulating me as well as managers being motivated to offer me a position at the company. It is always an uphill task and when the store its targets it means the company can increase its revenues.

Moreover, one of the challenges at the internship was to convince the customers to buy the products. Also coming to work on time was always a challenge as several times I found myself being late but I challenged myself which eventually helped me turnaround and become one of the earliest employees to arrive the stores.

The Usefulness of the Internship

Our degree aims at equipping students with all-around skills both educational and professional skills by working in an active site. Through this internship, I was able to develop professionalism and resilience in performing all my duties. I was able to obtain the necessary experience and opportunity to showcase my skills both from class as well as a personal experience. Towards the completion of my course, I believe that I am fully exposed and ready for the industry. Moreover, this internship will be used as an advantage in seeking an employment opportunity after completing my degree course through this site experience.

SWOT Analysis of the Internship


  • Good time management due to early reporting at the store as well as completion of tasks on time.
  • Excellent communication skills with customers as well as the management at Ulta Beauty.
  • Building customer relationship through the proper description of products and evaluation of options.
  • Ability to persist and convince customers to acquire the products in the store.


  • Personality traits in career development.
  • I did not have a better convincing power to the clients like the senior staffs.
  • It was hard to learn new ideas from other staff on the premises.
  • During the first weeks of the internship, it was difficult to seek clarifications from other staff.


  • Introducing new products was an easy task.
  • Getting to know new people and create a new network.
  • Got a lead role on a task and was able to be a team leader.


  • Security threat like burglary and robbery at the shop or when coming to work in the morning.
  • Relationship challenges from other staffs.
  • Possibility of being conned by specific customers who hide items.
  • Too much traffic on the site.

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