Medical School Application

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Date:  2021-03-09

I am an Ethiopian nationalist residing in the United States of America where I relocated to when I was a third-year midwifery student in a small rural village in Ethiopia known as Makelle. My name is T, and my dream is to become a successful medical professional in my country and make a significant change in the healthcare sector. Currently, Ethiopia is one of the leading states in maternal mortality rates as the statistics have revealed. This situation worries me a lot as I do not wish to lose any of my beloved female relatives and friends to the menace. The Ethiopian government has been on the frontline in encouraging more youths to venture into the medical courses in learning institutions most especially midwifery and nursing. The directive is derived from the need to increase the population of midwives and nurses to correct the deficit in the checks and balances in maternal facilities.

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I have been privileged to work in a few local hospitals, but when I was offering my clinical services in a hospital known as Ayder, I was puzzled to see the high rate of maternal mortality in the facility. The majority of expectant women who came to receive their gifts of joy ended up in the morgues as the newly delivered babies were deprived of their mothers' love as a result of few attendants who had to cater to the needs of so many women in labor, hence, the tragic. I once recall walking into a hospital full of patients awaiting treatment, and I had no idea how to assist them. The experience made me realize the need for people to participate in getting a permanent solution to end the problem. The situation pushes me to pursue my childhood dream of doing a Ph.D. in obstetrics and neonatal nursing and gain the capability and knowledge to coach learners in countries that experience high mortality rates. I believe that to live in a better world, I must ensure that I participate in making the change that I am yearning for. I will be the change I want, every person in the world should start by changing their surroundings if they want to make the world a better place for everyone.

Apart from engaging in the medical profession, I enjoy socializing with people from diverse parts of the world and get to learn about their cultures and lifestyles. I spend most of my leisure time chatting with people on social media and engaging in conversations that aim to enlighten the world on critical issues such as global warming and terrorism. I get inspired by personalities such as Nelson Mandela, who rose from humble backgrounds and came to be one of the most celebrated figures in the world. I would love to be remembered for the good deeds that I will do to better my country and the world in general. However, I know that achieving these dreams might not be possible without acquiring quality education from an excellent institution. I have a good foundation in the medical field, and I can be a liability student in your school since I am good in Biology and Chemistry.

My greatest desire is to join a good system that will polish my knowledge and skills and mold me into an excellent person in society. I plan to start an organization that will grow worldwide and provide quality maternal services to women all over the world. I want to ease the burden of accessing these vital services by introducing mobile healthcare facilities that will see women from remote areas enjoy smooth and safe labor. I have a burning quest to achieve these ambitions and create a lasting smile on every woman's face and ensure that almost all children enjoy their mother's care after their births, just like I did. I am certain that together we can succeed in reducing these high rates of mortality.


Marmor, T. (2010). Health Reform and the Obama Administration: Reflections in Mid-2010. Hcpol Healthcare Policy | Politiques De Sante, 6(1), 15-21.

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