L'Oreal Paris - Evaluation Essay

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Date:  2022-04-20


Distinguishing between fads from trends in the fashion industry is important. Trends usually last for a longer period, and after a given period they can be considered to be classics. Fads on the hand refer to styles that become popular quickly and burn out after a short period of one year. The Ombre, Tie-Dye, Splat hair is a trend. After L'Oreal Paris team conducted their research, they found that most customers were more interested in the Ombre hairstyles according to their comments on various social media sites. Celebrities were also using the new type of highlights or lighter colored for example the Kardashian sisters, Giselle Bunchen and Drew Barrymore. The look was popular online and also in the popular press. The two challenges that L'Oreal is facing is to determine whether Ombre, Tie-Dye, Splat hair is a trend or a fad. The second challenge is to determine the type of marketing and social media strategy they should use for the trend they aim at targeting.

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Creating several pages dedicated to the brand on major social media platforms such as Facebook page and a twitter account was a good idea. They should also incorporate the use of other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and snap chat and not limit themselves to the only two social media platforms. To ensure that the posts reach a relatively large number of people across the world they should take the initiative of creating paid advertisement posts on those social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram. Through this, the posts will automatically be appearing on other people timeline, and they will get to know about the trend and L'Oreal Paris (Mangold, & Faulds, 2009).

Finding consumers that are willing to create buzz about the brand is also a good strategy for L'Oreal Paris to implement because consumers tend to trust third-party recommendations more often than the brand itself. An influencer plays a significant role in marketing since they act as the mutual friend that connects the targeted consumers with the brand. The influencer brings in the audiences network and as well as the audience themselves. An influencer also can increase the social media exposure of L'Oreal Paris (Keller, Fay, & Berry, 2007).

Building a platform for consumers to exchange information about the brand and give tips will help involve the customers in a deeper relationship which is also more sustained. It will help the customers provide information about what they would like rectified or changed and how L'Oreal Paris can help them since in marketing, to engage the customers is not all about how to sell to the customers but how the customers can be helped. The customer's feedback will assist L'Oreal Paris in knowing if the customers are still interested in the brand and the areas that they should improve on to enhance customer satisfaction. The platform will help L'Oreal Paris to connect with the customers on a human level through having a two-way conversation (Cheung, Lee &, Jin, 2011).


While marketing any brand social media is an important aspect. Social media can help achieve these strategies efficiently by posting information that is relevant and fresh on a regular basis for the audience to consume. To achieve the strategies L'Oreal Paris management should ensure that they engage the customers or the audience on the different social media platforms that they use. When the online audience and customers are engaged the company will be seen as being responsive and friendly, and the customers will have a positive perception regarding the brand that the company is marketing. Social media can help achieve these strategies efficiently by L'Oreal Paris using the right skills such as designs, graphics, and research.


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