Organizational Innovation and Organizational Change Essay Example

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Date:  2022-05-26

The current business market has become saturated with commodities that are similar. For companies to achieve their goals and maintain market value, they have to be strategic. According to Godin (2009), a company product has to remain remarkable for consumers to stay interested in the products. In the past, companies had the upper hand in dictating what to sell and at what prices. This has changed gradually, and today the consumer control the market. Consumers are more into products that are readily available and that meet their current needs. Also, the market saturation of firms producing similar good has left businesses disadvantaged. The market saturation has made many companies rise and fall drastically while few others have steadily maintained their market shares.

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Apple Inc. is one of the world best performing Technology Company despite the rising number of new entrants in the industry. Apple has ventured in different technological fields such as pc devices manufacturing, but this did not work. However, it attempt to work on non-pc devices brought the company a massive breakthrough (Delios, 2010). Since its launch of iPhone and iPad devices, the company has never been the same. The company registered success, however, cannot be attributed to its introduction of these two devices but specific factors have made the company sustain a competitive market.

Apple Inc. greatest strategy is the ability to produce products that serve them first. The engineers in Apple are continually seeking to improve themselves, and in the process, they create devices that meet and suite their needs and necessity in their lives. Such a strategy has made their product vital not only for them but others too. They also strive each day to make it better for themselves hence making them remain relevant and wanted in the market.

Apple products are designed to ease one's life, and therefore their products are comprehensive yet easy to use. Apple products host a wide range of software and application, but they are easy to learn and use. The simplicity of its product makes it loved by many people. According to apple slogan, if any product is not easy to use, then it is worthless to the consumer (Delios, 2010).

Apple invests more money in market and technological research than in any other approach. The approach has kept apple productive highly competitive. Apple products released are modernized and better improved always unlike other companies. A product released today probably was sighed of two years ago. Such amount of time gives the company enough time to research and make their products better than other companies in the same market (Delios, 2010).

Organizational Change

According to Blasingame (2013), change is inevitable and as much as we may run away from change it always has a way of catching up. For any company to be successful in the current market, change must be taken as it comes. According to Blasingame (2013), there are different reasons why a change should be embraced and the most critical is understanding the importance of change. For a company to fully embrace change, the company need to review why change is necessary for a company. The company evaluation process helps develop a strong case as to why the company need to adopt a particular shift. The evaluation provides consistent data on whether a change is necessary or not. According to Weiss (2001), vision research is a critical aspect when it comes to change. Firms need to illustrate how the change will be beneficial to the company. A vision gives the stakeholders a bigger picture of the future. Such picture help the stakeholders shape their plans and approach to meet future targets,

In a company, the leader or management is in charge of introducing change and ensuring it is ascertained. In case the leader fails to present the vision of change comprehensively then the staffs and related parties are likely to be demoralized towards change. For change to be effective, communication is paramount. The leaders also must create standards for excellence in a company, motivate employees, Crete a purpose in all employees' life and create needs to transcend the status quo (Weiss, 2001). In the past, leaders have introduced new changes in a company without consulting staff. Many of the employees were forced to conform to change proposed. Although people tried to adopt, the process was slow, and employees were demotivated towards change.

In the solution to the problem, the leader could have achieved the goal better by inviting all persons in the company in analyzing the proposed change. Such a move make employees participate and channel strategies to use in adopting change. Through comprehensive discussions, every person will understand why change is essential, and when introducing the change, many employees will be ready to receive reforms.


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