Livongo Health Inc.: Innovating Digital Health for Better Lives - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-10


Livongo Health Inc. is one of the leading digital health companies that focuses on empowering individuals with a chronic health condition to lead a better life. The Company has its headquarter at the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast. Since the organization was founded in the year 2014 by Glen Tullman, the organization has come up with an entirely new approach for managing diabetes through comprehensive healthcare technologies. Since its foundation, the chief executive officer has remained to be Glen Tullman ("Livongo | Digital Health Management for Chronic Conditions", 2019). Glen Tullman is an American investor and entrepreneur who believes in hard work, and this has seen him lead many other organizations, for instance, Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX), which is one of the country's driving electronic health record and health information technology company in the country.

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Description of the Company and Services Offered

Living as digital health company majors on programs that help in promoting care for the people living with chronic diseases such as diabetes. The Company uses glucose meter and other health technology devices to manage chronic conditions (Toy, 2019). The right client's experience and satisfaction with the Company's services have seen some big companies' insurers contract Livongo's services.

Livongo, as a health care company believes in deploying technology, coaching, and using other health information technology tools to manage chronic conditions at a relatively lower cost (Ramsey,2019). Livongo organization, which uses the technology in managing health conditions, is essential in addressing various business needs. Some of the business needs that the company addresses are the health and safety of the organization staff by managing the condition of the chronic disease victims and sensitizing the others on ways of preventing the contract of the disease. The sensitization is done through coaching and organizing seminars to address the health issues and how one can prevent themselves from the conditions and at the same time examining the victims.

The Company's services are readily accessible at an available cost. The business may decide to become a premium user by contracting the Company for a given period to give the service at the comfort of the organization premises. This is the best plan for any business as all the services offered by Livongo are provided to all organization staff on the subscription fee.

Challenge Facing Livongo Health Inc.

Livongo, as a business entity, also faces some challenges, and one of the worst difficulties that weigh its operations down is the deepening financial losses. In the year 2018, the Company generated a revenue of $68.4 million, with a net loss increasing to $ 30 million compared to a loss of $ 16 million incurred in 2017.

The Most Likely User of the Company’s Services

I would mostly recommend the services of this Company to the following individuals and organization department.

The organization's health department, the department can utilize the company services to outsource the health care services needed for the staff.

The insurance company, the insurance company, can contract the services of the Livongo organization to help with the chronic condition health case.

The hospital chief medical officer, the said individual, may require the services of Livongo organization to carry out the health awareness concerning chronic diseases and also carry out the test on the public.


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