Literacy Narrative Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-20

During my early years in primary school, I experienced a hard time reading on my own especially after school. I had a little knowledge on how to construct a proper sentence even though I had developed a more significant interest in reading books. Due to this experience, I approached my mother to kindly teach me how to construct sentences so that I could read my favourite books more fluently. However, my mother could no longer hesitate to offer a helping hand to her beloved child. She offered to train me every day in the night before bedtime. Additionally, she provided me with the rules and regulations about her class such as I was required to observe a time for each reading sessions, prepare short notes about new vocabularies encountered during each reading session, and be passionate about reading novels, Bible, fairy tales as well as journals.

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From this point in time, I had developed a positive mentality to master reading methodologies to improve my reading skills as well as speaking skills. The following day, I embarked on the journey to search for other favourite books in the nearby books stores. Moreover, I managed to get plenty of them at a fair price thus enabling me to be more confident that my long-term dream would become a reality. On my return, my mum took me through effective reading principles which were to guide me throughout my reading session.

Firstly, she advised me to learn to read from reading the continuous text. Although there was plenty of time in the day when I was focused on word study or vocabulary or discussion of the text, it was also essential that I spent a significant amount of time each day more so before bedtime to process continuous text. On the other hand, she advised me to read high-quality texts to assist in building a reading process since engaging in such texts will be more rewarding in the long run. Finally, she advised me to read a large number of texts to build a reading process, i.e. the more text I read, the more information I had to bring to my reading.

During the reading session, my mother used to read sweet stories which in turn inspired me so much; she loved reading with me bible stories, folktales as well as journals books. From the bible stories especially the books of Genesis; how human beings came into existence. How Gods creation was beautiful, well planned, and everything in this world was created on its specified day. From the reading in the bible, she narrated to me that God created human beings in His image and gave them the authority to rule over every creature in the garden of the den. It's also written from the Bible that on the sixth day after creating the world and everything in it, God rested. My mother used to inspire me to read this book most of the time since it was full of knowledge and wisdom. Hence, during my reading session, I found it easy to read the bible due to its flow of words, short sentence structure and also the teachings and moral lessons it expresses.

The second book my mother used to read for me is that one of fairy tales. From the book, she used to read wonderful stories of animals. She could read sweet stories of trickery animals such as hare who used to dupe fellow animals and use them for its how benefit. The duper could trick animals such as monkey to accompany him to the nearby banana plantation of a given hostile farmer. Henceforth, the hare would dupe monkey to climb up the banana tree to pluck bananas and drop them down as he kept watching around in case the farmer was approaching. They did this for many time until the farmer realized. On their next visit to the banana plantation, the farmer came up with a trick to capture these animals which had destroyed his crops. He hid behind the bananas plantation as he watches hare and monkey approach. Patiently he waited until the monkey had climbed up the banana tree after that he came out to catch them. Upon realizing that the farmer was approaching, hare left without informing the monkey. As a result, the monkey was seized and beaten up properly by an angry farmer. Henceforth, the two animals cease to visit the plantation.

As a result of these exciting stories, I got inspired to read on my own since I wanted to understand the tales to the maximum. Due to this, I could read to my family members several times to enhance my mastery skills. I did this several times majorly retiring to bed, and my mum got amazed by how I was becoming fluent each day.


From the early experiences, today I love reading so much more so newspapers, journals, and novels. I enjoy reading at my leisure time since my mother appropriately trained me on the techniques of the effective reading. Today I find it easy to read more than three hundred pages a single day because reading is my passion. I love reading fairy tales to children more so on a Sabbath day. The experience I developed at a younger age has enabled me to become a renowned public speaker in the school environment and even at major events in the city.

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