Essay Sample on English 106 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Date:  2022-10-25


Taking English 106 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham has impacted my writing skills immensely. ELI 106 gave me the opportunity to improve my writing skills in a way that it will benefit me in the future. I had a fantastic professor that taught me how to be swift with my writing and showed me that I do not have to be a perfect writer to get my point across. Throughout the course, we practiced a lot of group work which allowed me to learn from my classmates. I particularly like group work because it helps me see people's different opinions and views; the writing center played an important role in improving my writing skills and grammar as well. In addition to that, I learned about the rhetorical strategies: ethos, logos, and pathos. I learned how to use these rhetorical strategies in my essay to make it more formal and professional, an experience that will be imperative in my career development.

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After I began learning these different strategies and techniques used in writing, it allowed me to be more confident in having my voice heard throughout my writing. ELI 106 helped me on how to include citations: when to cite sources, how to cite sources, and where to cite sources. Professor Kennedy always made sure we were to cite our sources correctly, everything we cited was to be cited using MLA formatting which is the most standard U.S. format. This helped me not to plagiarize and to be more organized with my writing. I remember my first paper in ELI 106 class was a literacy narrative essay and I scored an 80% on the paper. When I received the grade, I was frustrated with myself, at that time I truly believed that I would never be able to write a decent paper, but this class has changed that perspective for me. My professor managed to see how frustrated I became and advised me. He told me that no one starts perfect in writing papers, you need to work harder and put in a lot of effort and you will dramatically improve. He also recommended me to go to the writing center; he informed me that they would be able to give me more in-depth help. I took his advice and started going to the writing center and found it extremely beneficial. The instructors in the writing center focused on helping me more on my grammar and how to state examples between sentences.

Everything I have learned from my English class helped me in my future career because as a statistical counselor I have to write many reports and researches. The majority of college assignments I have done are about researches most of the time, so English classes are necessary and beneficial at the same time. In this regard, it is important to study an English class since it prepares one to build a successful career in different organizations and countries. Besides the writing career, I discovered that English classes have an important role in brushing off the reading as well as writing skills. This expanded knowledge in writing and reading coupled with improved listening and speaking is of immense important towards opportunities in career development. I now understand the responsibility of participating in the corporate world through the developments learned in the course. The knowledge of consulting requires rhetorical as well as logical skills that can be gained through the English lesson. Throughout the course, the teacher emphasized the importance of ethos and pathos which are imperative to the success of logical skills development in an individual. This was achieved through the classic texts that were taught enormously by the professor. I can, therefore, argue that the class was quite valuable towards developing skills needed for my career.

Taking more insight into the English class has played a critical role in making me more insightful in reading and thus a more effective reader. Some of the developments that I achieved through this class is the habits of mind. We focused on the habits of mind that were developed to support a student's success in various ways in studies. One of the traits I gained that will be helpful in my future development is curiosity and openness. By engaging in multiple assignments that needed critical thinking skills, I developed a sense of curiosity. For example, after failing my first assignment, I was very curious to know what I should do to score a good grade. After analyzing the mistakes like my thesis, I realized the ideas that people wanted to know and the ones that would make my essay great. I, therefore, engaged with my teacher openly to learn more about the essay requirements. Openness also helped me to share my challenges which made the professor help me improve. In essence, the English class was imperative in enhancing my habits of mind.

Following the lessons learned in the English class, I have challenged myself to improve my writing skills in the future. However, I noted that I have to challenge myself in reading more books to find something new and unique in writing. In this regard, I would challenge myself to read at least a different book every fortnight. Since I have a list of recommended books, I will explore them to learn new ideas. I will also challenge myself to publish an essay with the reputable press. Through this, I will gain an insight into what is required before an essay is published. Also, I will engage different authors to help me with improving my essay. This will facilitate my skills development.


Conclusively, the English class played a critical role in developing my writing skills that will be of significant importance in my career development. To enjoy a successful career as research, it is important to study, write reports, and express one's findings in writing. In this regard, the skills gained from the English class including reading, writing, and speaking will be important in creating new opportunities in career. Besides, the lessons made me challenge myself regarding the best approaches regarding improving my writing skills in the future.

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