Learning Transfer in an Informal Environment Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20


This film took place in an informal setting due to the kind of situation in it, for example; The type of education presented was according to the race of an individual, the black students had a sort of formal relationship with their teachers this is evident because if such students were asked questions they had to stand when answering it. However, the whites had informal contact with their instructors. This was due to the race difference between the students and the instructors.

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How easy or difficult was the learning

Barriers to transfer were come across before, in and afterward the learning skill. The absence of good initial knowledge when ingoing the learning state, lack of drive or self-assurance on the learning and the lack of support after the learning experience could affect the transfer (Thomas 2007). Mutual classroom practices could not enable the transfer. These include an organizer's not satisfying, modeling, giving chances to direct, encouraging and exercise transfer to the students.

Moreover, facilitators also promoted in the failure of the students where they assumed their needs. Like when the facilitators refused to demonstrate that through computer skills the learners could be able to plan a budget or communicate with the parents. The learning difficulties also occurred across learning space limits like when the leaners were supposed to transfer something they had learned to a workplace. Integration projects amid learners are essential to inspire them during the transfer. Diverse kinds of learning outcomes besides processes seems as right dependent to the resulting and learning.

How the learners were successful

An increase of self-awareness among the educators would be useful to the students. Moreover, the supposition was that an improved transition could result in the learns being nondominant where they could improve their social state and taking the governor of their lives, which was an objective of the program. The student could be able to speak in English on their own. The student could stimulate their self-awareness by using different learning tools.

The type of learning going on was informal where the learns used different tools in their education. Like for example they gathered data information from the web site to grow vegetable and used the same information to produce flowers. The learning intended to let the student gain education and skills of different things. Different practicals were used in the teaching.

Cultural represented

Metaphors, music, drama, analogies and relevant music were used in the learning. Use of storytelling and a musical song is a cultural presentation on the context. This assisted the learns in the way they applied, understood and accepted the things they had been taught (Silver, 2001). It builds a strong bond of trust between learners and educators.

Technologies involved in the learning

The schema which deals with the way info is organized by the beginner in detailed Oder or designs. This schema is altered by contact with the world through sound, communication, sight, and taste. Comparison of previous experiences to the new phenomenon helps in this education. Therefore, a schema is kind of fabric or basis which aids in the viewing the world in another way.

Moreover, scaffolding which is a learning experience is a combination which ensures supporting resources, learning environment, instructional delivery and instructional plan are organized in a way which will support the learning. It helps in construction and the building process. It is a provisional tool which allows the leaners in the building knowledge. The sculpture of enabling education provides the necessary support and structure to the contribution the learners in building their ways of significant.

Adults were involved in this learning where they included the black and the white. They learned through the inform method where they did things practically. They were motivated in the education where they did things according to how they were taught. They showed transfer through the near-far transfer which includes specific skills and concepts such as driving a carriage and then use the skills to drive a truck (Detterman, 1993). Positive and negative transfer is another form used. In the positive learning from previous setting accompaniments a current context. While the negative transfer earlier involvements delay with transfer and learning into a fresh setting.

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