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Trump's administration introduced a "zero-tolerance" policy that stated that people are entering the United States to be persecuted illegally. The effect of this policy is that it leads to the separation of children from their parents upon immigrating together to the united states. The separation happens because the children's parents are referred to face the law to be prosecuted while their children are withdrawn from their parents and put under a sponsor. During May 2018, when the policy started its implementation, the number of children separated from their parents was 650 within two weeks. The Trump administration argues that the plan is not new in any way (Fortuny et al., 2009). However, previous US government administration did not put the law under practice, the way the current administration has approached the policy implementation.

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Previously, before Trump entered the presidential office, detention of families did not involve segregation of families but was put under detention together, then deported back or released permanently or temporarily with a declaration of good behavior while in the United States. Currently, prosecution of immigrant parents is under practice all over the United States, including Ohio State. The justification of the policy from the government stated that the policy was fully enacted due to a rise in the number of apprehended immigrants on the border in the year 2018.

Arguments against the "zero tolerance" policy have been developed. Children are being punished in schools in Ohio who are nonviolent outside school and into the justice systems. Many people in Ohio are aware that the policy leads to inequalities when it comes to the punishment due to non-disruptive cases such as having aspirin under a child's possession, that can be labeled as drugs and hence a violation of the laws governing the policy. Most information is unknown about the argument that the policy does not incorporate equality and affect school-going children, that can make the students disabilities in their development and studies. The policy hence absorbs who are in dire need and are completely left out in matters related to education. Therefore, the zero-tolerance policy is destroying children's lives throughout the whole of Ohio. According to data referenced by the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio almost 101,000 children in school got suspensions and expulsions due to disobedience and violent behavior only, accounting for half of the total indiscipline cases out of school in Ohio.

Legislators in Ohio need to get conversant with the results of enacting zero-tolerance policy that causes involuntary treatment for Immigrant students in Ohio. They need to address the policy especially the consequences of indiscipline for the immigrant students through the elimination of the section of the policy addressing the verdict of victims of a nonviolent case on top of the reforms on truancy already proposed. These students from Ohio require uniform treatment, proper channels to address their issues, and continuous education.

Head start programs are available to help migrant children and counter the effects of zero-tolerance policy. The federal government funds these programs and offer a thorough program aimed at assisting children to develop. They were established as part of a war by Lyndon B. Johnson on eradicating poverty through the improvement of early childhood learning while raising the people's standards of living and as a result, be able to support early childhood education. The head start program, called Teaching and Mentoring Communities (TMC) opened its doors to the public in New Carlisle to offer assistance to immigrant workers who work in the agricultural sector seasonally.

Teaching and Mentoring Communities (TMC) offers preschool programs, programs on nutrition and health checkups together with referral services to immigrant children aged six years up to the time they enter kindergarten. Most of the children enrolled in this head start program are from migrant families and exit the place during winter seasons each year. This program operates from spring up to fall, a period when migrants are working locally. As one of the parents said, the program offers quality education to their children while they are away to work. It operates through seven branches in Ohio.

Since most immigrants are in search of jobs in Ohio, and most of them from Mexico, they are directly affected by the Zero tolerance policy. This is the case because the target program assists children of immigrants, it encourages more and more people to immigrate to Ohio since they are comfortable that their children will be taken care of by the head start program. The rise in the number of immigrants will prompt the government to put in policies that can mitigate the increase in the number of immigrants. As such the zero-tolerance policy puts the families of these immigrants at the risk of separation. Also, since the head start program receives funding from the federal government, the government can include regulations and thresholds in the zero-tolerance policy aimed at reducing the number of heads start programs. From many angles, TMC operations are directly and indirectly influenced by the Zero Tolerance policy.

In a study done by they cited that immigrant children are faced with several risk factors if they do not enroll for head start programs. Some of the circumstances such as low income from their families, low education levels from parents, and also communication issues, place the children at the risk of delayed development and also poor grades in school when they enroll.

According to research done, Head start impacts children in many ways related to their development ranging from early cognitive gains, extending to social and emotional developments in adolescence (Dreby, 2012). The early cognitive gains tend to disappear as children enter school as there are several seen developments in the children as they enter into adolescence and even into young adulthood

In contrary some researchers have carried research to show that there is enough evidence of program effectiveness, there are claims about gaps in the evidence. Examples may include a 1995 study that found that test scores for both white and African American preschool kids taking part in head start showed improvement. Those advantages were easily lost for African American children. Some other earlier research shows that studies depend on differences within families, where one kid takes part in the head start while another does not work in the same family (Dreby, 2012). There is. Therefore, a call for more analyzed research on the mechanisms of the programs result and why it affects certain groups and also why it affects certain groups of small learners differently.

A study was done to compare the distribution of students randomly assigned to heads Start with the distribution of students randomly assigned to a control condition. The study further compared how the estimated program effects differ across children with different cognitive skills before enrollment and among groups from different living areas. From the results obtained in the study, it helped the survey to understand whether there is an effect of larger advantages for those with fewer skills and if a higher level of human capital pre-exposure to Head Start implies larger effects (Adams, & Kirova, 2007). Much of the research in this study on Head Start has given more weight to some extent on both of these fields.

Head Start provides its services to over 1 million children and their families each year in both,h urban and rural areas in all the fifty American states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Ans the U.S territories. Health services provided by Head Start include pre-school education health screenings, health check-ups and dental check-ups (Zhou, 1997). Parents are also helped in accessing community resources by family advocates. The services provided are specific to each family`s way of life and experience. Some of the targets include cognitive, social, and emotional developments

These programs provided by Head Start in Ohio include:

  • Early Head Start promotes healthy families, healthy prenatal outcomes, and also infant and toddler development beginning as early as at birth
  • Head start also helps create healthy development in low-income among children aging three years old to five years old
  • Family and community partnerships provided by Head Start provides parents with opportunities and support as they identify and meet their own goals; nurture their children and advocate for communities that support children and families
  • Head Start also provides migrant and seasonal services for children of migrant and seasonal farm workers. These services target children with years ranging from six months to five years. Service hours are also longer, and programs extend for fewer months than in traditional Head start.
  • Head start also provides its service to the ordinary American citizen, with centers on both rural areas and urban settlements communities
  • Head start has a program that was subject to the 2007 reauthorization to identify and provide services to all homeless children irrespective of their ages within a reasonable period
  • Head start also provides non-profit services to support with developmental disabilities with the example of centers such as Tri-counties regional center such as San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties
  • Head start provides services to eligible infants and toddlers who are coordinated and family-centered in California's response to federal legislation. This system offers its services to small kids and toddlers from birth to 36 months of age. This program is coordinated by regional centers and public-school districts
  • Under the above program, each eligible child will be assigned a service coordinator to coordinate the interventions. Families and children who qualify to receive various early intervention services. Services for young children are family-centered based on family concerns, priorities and also resources and provided in a child`s natural way of life.

Head Start provides services that are not limited to:

  • Physical, occupation or under ethnic bases
  • Family resource centers for parent-to-parent support
  • Behavior services

Infant stimulation at home or in the community

To measure the positivity of head start services, research conducted by researchers showed that the children who were enrolled in child care programs were more advantaged when compared to those who did not attend the programs. The study used a sample drawn from a population of kindergarten kids.

The main point to a high-quality head start program is what occurs inside the classroom or family kid care home, to be specific to the associations that happen between the educator and child. In a high-quality program, educators draw in kids with learning methodologies that are customized to the age of the kid and utilize a proper educational module to structure the learning experience (Capps, Fix & Zong, 2016). An assortment of backings is expected to encourage these associations so excellent instructing and learning can happen. A very much resourced classroom isn't adequate without a compelling instructor to saddle those assets. In the meantime, a powerful instructor isn't economical without an emotionally supportive network to deal with the business, bolster guidance, and give proficient improvement.

The requirement for high-quality early youth education has never been more prominent. Progressively, youngsters are experiencing childhood in families where every single accessible parent are working-out of need just as a decision. Besides, research keeps on confirming t...

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