Teachers: Ensuring Quality Education for Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-25


The education imparted in our students solely depends on teachers’ erudition. It means that teachers are the ones to ensure the very best for their students. As teachers, it is important to focus on the best ways possible to ensure that our students get the best instructions. Ideally, this is by constantly feeding ourselves with every other new information to ensure that whatever our students learn is up to date and in line with the constantly evolving world. As a result, students will be equipped with the latest information and they will have kept up with the mandate of contemporary information. To ensure that students receive the best teaching, teachers need to lay down specific strategies in their mode of teaching. These are fundamental, the best approaches to ensure that learners digest whatever instruction they are given with a lot of ease. One of the best strategies is by ensuring that all learners are engaged in answering class questions actively. Similarly, ensuring that these students work exclusively in concord with the assistance of the teacher will result in the best impartment of knowledge to these learners.

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Professional Goals

The first professional goal is to focus on collaboration with other educators (Dennison, 2019). It will help in gathering information based on particular information from several professionals. Besides, this in turn helps in equipping the learners with the most reliable information. Similarly, the collaboration will ensure that tasks are delegated based on the strengths and expertise of individuals on particular information. Eventually, teachers feel self-assured and confident that whatever information they conveyed, is to the best of their knowledge. As a result, they contribute positively to the institution’s reputation as far as the quality of education is concerned.

Secondly, with the world evolving very fast in technology, it must be integrated into learning and teaching. It will help in improving the participation of learners in the process of learning. Students will get interested in learning their subjects because logically, it is fun and exciting learning in new ways. Considering the fact that we want the knowledge imparted to students to be retained, then technology will help in ensuring that the knowledge acquired is retained in the brains of learners because it encourages the active participation of learners (Wantulok, 2015). Technology will help in developing skills that are essential in this 21st century. These include more and not less than email writing, improving practical skills and maintaining good etiquette when one is online among others. Such skills are important in the learner’s post-school life.

Thirdly, I will try as much as possible to show empathy to these learners. This is by trying as much as possible to understand every learner and maintain a good relationship with them. This will help in determining why a certain leaner behaves in a particular way and how this behavior affects his or her participation in a class session (Owen, 2015). This will help in coming up with ways of helping these learners to be at the same level as the others. To achieve this, close attention should be paid to these leaners to ensure that they are on track with others. When these students feel supported and understood, their self-awareness increases and they feel motivated. These will lead to lucrative outcomes in the future when these leaners are employed. To achieve this, we need to tune into these’ student’s emotions and show them that we understand them and accept them as others. A good teacher-student interaction is essential in determining the results of every learner. A teacher lays a foundation upon which learners build themselves.

Finally, I will strive to better my professional skills by learning more and more. This will help in bolstering my knowledge of a certain subject. Learning without stopping will help in understanding the learning process since I will be focusing on learning from a learner’s perspective. It will help in bettering my modes of teaching by reinforcing some areas. Also, this will help in the betterment of comprehension of the learners’ needs since teaching as a field evolves more and more (Nixon, 2016). Learning will also help in getting used to the newest concepts in the curriculum, new teaching tactics and also integration of technology in learning. Learning will also help in reinforcing knowledge in a certain concept. As a result, teaching will be easy and natural. The knowledge will not only benefit me but also the learners since I will have expertise in that particular subject.


To always be a successful and reliable teacher, I have to work as per the strategies I have put in place. I will have to constantly work hard to ensure that my learners receive nothing but the best. It is by ensuring that I work in hand with other educators and professionals in my field to improve my teaching abilities. Understanding my learners should be a priority in my plans. This will help in creating a good relationship with them and ensuring that I understand them fully to be able to address each of their difficulties. I will also strive to better my qualifications by learning, even more, to fit in the evolving education system. This will ensure that my learners receive up to date information and thus betterment outcomes and improve the school as a whole.


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