Importance of Study of Religion Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-03

Section 1

1) Do you believe that the study of religion is important in today's society? Why or why not?

Religion is important in today society because it contributes a lot in an emergency of a society that needs to display uniqueness. The spread of religious education started in schools where students were taught a lot about its importance. In today's society, religious education has helped the youth to respect the beliefs of other people and also helped them to develop their personal reflections. Also, religious education has contributed a lot in freedom of conscience whereby it has defined a good way for young people and revering their family faith in traditional beliefs and their expectations. Finally, religious education has contributed a lot to a good practice of faith in communities and the well-being of society.

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2) How does religion give "power" and "meaning" to humans?

Religious gives one power by healing the spiritual side in which he can express in today's dynamics of life. For those faiths who are thought about religious believes that serving and helping others in times of needs is a good thing regardless of their beliefs .practicing many forms of regions may help one to solve issues in a society such as mediation in times of conflict and express prayers to people. Also helps one to build the level of tolerance to adversity ("How Important Is Covenant To Judaism? - Quora").

3) Why do you believe "covenant" is so important in the religion of Judaism?

Covenant is very important in the religion of Judaism .the first covenant was between God and Abraham which illustrates that Abraham is to be the father of the Jewish people and his sign of the covenant was circumcision. He meant that every male child should be circumcised and that covenant should be between me and you. The second covenant was between God and Moses. Moses main sign of the covenant is the Sabbath whereby he was told by the lord to tell his people to preserve the Sabbaths thought the generations because it is a sign of the covenant between me and you.

Section 2

1) Use an article related to one of the religions of the world or anything pertaining to religion.

In Christianity, one of the articles says that Jesus didn't eat a Seder meal. Christian believers usually celebrate the Passover because of it the last supper that Jesus was with his 12 disciples. The first Passover and last supper usually illustrate the newly religious. During the Passover meal, Jesus convinces his 12 disciples about the meal that it is the fulfillment of that first Passover meal in which in today Christians usually believes in that. The last supper in Christian religion means a new faith community .therefore most of the Christians replaced the Jewish Passover Seder with Eucharist and the Lord's supper. For the Jews, the Passover meal is the meal which the Israelites celebrates its liberation from the pagan. This Passover meal is usually celebrated by people of all calibers within the Israelites.

2) A summary or description of important details regarding the religion and include URL.

Many people believe that religion is important to them. In a society, religion is considered very important because it regulates the behavior of individuals. Many rules based on the society today are from the religion.

Firstly the important function of religion to a society is that it promotes social solidarity this means that it brings people together as one.

Secondly, it promotes the welfare of the society .people are taught that serving good to others is serving to God. In this scenario, people usually help the poor and the needy. With the rise of religious beliefs, different religious now team up to the society by building charitable institutions like schools and hospitals(even, 2018).

Lastly, religion came as a source of social cohesion whereby peace and unity are taught in a society. From this discussion, religion is a tool that has brought basic values and ethical code that has resulted to cohesion in a society and integration to personality(


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