Paper Sample on Ready for University: My Journey of Determination and Challenges

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Date:  2023-10-23


I am a dedicated individual towards achieving maximum returns once I join the university. My preparedness towards joining university is built on strong positive determination aspects I have developed throughout my entire life. Challenges such as access to quality and affording to house thought my entire life had taught me a lot as a student. Since I was young, we have been struggling with how to get basic needs like other students. I have experienced both psychological and emotional stress since I thought life does not support equality. All I have admired is to see people having a sense of equality and other people getting treated fairly.

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The various challenges I have experienced have served as my driving factors towards developing a positive attitude towards achieving upper-division in my major. My challenges give me a purpose. I want to pursue not only a good course but also to work towards attaining equality in my community. I look forward to making a change in society. By observing all the challenges students with a similar background to my face, I feel there is a need to work towards changing the general perception of the community. I believe if the community had a better housing plan, no student would ever undergo mental pressure like mine. It is my responsibility to turn my challenges to better opportunities for other students.

I want to concentrate my efforts on social justice and community development. I hope if society achieves social justice, every person will have an equal chance to run a happy life without stress.

My source of motivation is reading books related to social justice and community development. I have read numerous books based on urban planning written by authors such as ad Jane Jacobs, Jeff Speck, and Vishaan Chakrabarti. I believe the best way to become fully prepared to face a task has strong background information. Therefore, the various books I have read have made a significant impact on my entire life. By being enthusiastic, I have built a strong foundation towards becoming a successful student in my major at the university. My preparedness is reflected through my activities and determination towards serving the community in a just manner.

How I Express Your Creative Side

Creativity refers to someone being able to express ideas in a unique manner that outcompetes other people within a given context. Throughout my life, I have been able to overcome most challenges by being creative. My creativity is based on my unique character of expressing myself towards something depending on my perception. Throughout my entire school, I have always approached problems differently. I have also participated in creating projects related to an existing problem in society. Being able to reflect on the immediate problem in the community and try to devise ways on how it can be solved has participated greatly in enhancing my creativity. When I am faced with a problem or when my parents are faced with an issue that requires an immediate solution. I always give my opinions without hesitating. I believe being oriented towards problem-solving technique has offered me the best opportunity to become the best student in most competitions.

I am not limited to written instructions within books when it comes to the real problem-solving case. I always try to figure out other alternatives that can be adapted to attain the required results. To overcome some of the challenges I face, I quickly develop an immediate plan on how I can overcome. I believe by being able to always find a solution to my problems without asking for external help is a clear sign of creativity. In most critical conditions, it becomes difficult to determine the best strategy to apply for a given problem. When I realize the current plan will fail to attain expected results. I quickly switch the next option. I believe thinking is the best method to face a problem. Thinking before I carry out a task, I have to evaluate all ethical considerations before making a decision thoroughly. Therefore, my creativity is portrayed through how I handle my problems as well as the various technologies I adopt while executing a task.

Leadership Skills

A leader is someone who sees how things are done, how they can be improved, and who rallies people to use the available tools at their disposal to move towards that better vision. A lot of qualities are put into being a great leader, such as; resilience, flexibility, communication, courage, humility, presence, and responsibility. Being a leader also comprises of some harsh realities since it is not all sunshine and rainbow. Sometimes being a leader encompasses being able to make difficult or unpopular decisions. This is what provides a difference in mindset between mediocre and exceptional leadership.

I fell into a leadership role when I was volunteering at a local rehabilitation center for young adults, mostly below the age of twenty-five years. I had volunteered as a teacher to try and give hope. I had another colleague, and we used to teach recovering addicts to express themselves through songs, arts, and crafts. Many people attended the class, and although the work was tiresome, we had amazing results. Some of the young people did not attend the class the next month, because they had relapsed back into their bad habits. My co-teacher and I decided to take the matter up with the administration that runs the center. To my surprise, they selected me to give a speech to recovering addicts to try and inspire them into better lives and discourage them from falling back to the allures of substance abuse.

I took up this role and gave a speech on resilience, focus, and determination to the group of young reforming addicts. I shared with them my own experiences coming from someone who had to deal with alcohol and substance abuse from an early age at home. Showing them that if they can resist the urge to go back to their bad habits, they can forge and start a new life. After my speech, more students enrolled in our art class the next month. Several of the young people even went ahead and turned their lives around, joined colleges, and pursued or wanted to pursue a degree in arts, or attend an art school. I was at least happy to have made a small impact in my community, and I wanted to take this leadership experience and channel it into other aspects of my life.


In conclusion, leadership can be tough and scary, but how you overcome your fears and anxiety to lead others to better themselves or achieve a certain goal is what defines true leadership. Everyone has their style or aspect of leadership, but what matters is how you can use your leadership qualities to find a balance between creating a strategy and helping and guiding others to execute that strategy to manage and reach their goals effectively.

How You Have Taken Advantage of a Significant Educational Opportunity or Worked to Overcome an Educational Barrier

In our daily routine we come through many challenges in life, understanding what you have to do throughout the day, in months, or even throughout the year can be very challenging. Everyone has his or her hard times, but that does not mean it can stop you from achieving your goals; we gradually grow by learning from our own mistakes that we make along the way. The most significant challenge I faced was striving to find a balance between the work time and school time, having a job made it difficult for me to schedule my classes because some of my working hours could conflict with the times some of my classes were offered. When a person has a job, it becomes very challenging for that person to figure out a successful balance between the responsibilities of a job and school. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus schools were closed and e-learning was adopted, this meant that the classes that I couldn’t take were available online.

The introduction of online classes has made my life easier reason being my employer refuses to work around my school schedule, and it was very difficult for me to meet regularly. Since I can now learn from home, move with my speed, and at the same time maximize my workload, I took a step to complete my transfer requirements because its easier for a person taking an online course to handle the time constraints that come along with the job. The classes encourage one-on-one student-teacher correlation as compared to the traditional classroom where the teachers have to spend their focus on a larger number of students. At first, times taking the online classes, I used to postpone my assignments. I told myself that I would deal with them when I had extra time, but that did not happen I always ended up with the assignment catching up with me at the last minute, and this led me very far behind so I had to work extra hard to catch up. I promised myself never to procrastinate because this always happens to some other students, and they either end up quitting the course due to falling much behind or getting an “F.”

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