Implementation of the Proposed Intervention: New Equipment and Refurbishing of the Emergency Wing

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Date:  2021-04-20

Activities under the implementation includes purchasing state of the art equipment and refurbishing of the entire emergency wing. The state of the art equipment and the units will include surgical suites, 100-bed intensive care unit, patient lift system, procedure unit, diagnostic imaging equipment, a modern laboratory, and portable computers to monitor the condition of the patients while the doctors and physicians are away from the health facility. To ease movement, a lift system will be constructed on each wing to allow ease of movement by the staff while transferring the patients. The programming of mobile devices used by the physicians will aim at accessing patients' records. All the above equipment, devices, and ions will be implemented in phases depending on the allocation of funds. While the analysis team and the management looked forward to having a complete implementation of the equipment and services at an age, logistics and planning may not allow.

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The first to be implemented is the expansion of the blocks and the wing of the emergency department. A contractor will be sought who will undertake a complete overhaul of the entire emergency will and build a modern state of the art facility that will accommodate the equipment to be acquired. The construction will keep in mind the need for an expanded and open environment that will leave room for additional equipment in the future. While constructing and building the emergency wing, all emergency services will be transferred to the old maternity block that has a similar capacity as the old one. Approximately, the analysis team gives the whole project a nine month period from the initial groundbreaking to finish. However, the contractor has a ten month period to put up the entire block. Some of the features that will make up the block and emergency room include electronic record equipment, diagnostic and treatment equipment including X-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, cardiac monitors, and the ER machine. The emergency wing will also feature an isolation area to cater for the prevention of disease contamination. In addition to specialized equipment, the emergency wing will be designed to operate for 24 hours.

During the period under which the new emergency wing will be under construction, the analysis team will source for the state of the art equipment from the best suppliers worldwide. It is aimed to give the entire project, the importance it deserves. Implementation of the decisions and conclusions reached will focus on improving the efficiency of the unit while at the same time, adding the necessary medical equipment needed for minor medical operations. For example, previously, the medical team had to attend to an urgent condition by sharing the only STAT SCAN in the operation room. Application of the modern state of the art facility, the configuration will be undertaken to do all the emergency radiography scans at the emergency unit, an operation that will reduce delayed operations and patient attendance by 80%. Additionally, the STAT SCAN will reduce overtimes by 50% and utilization of the equipment to over 90%. In general, the new state of the art equipment to be implemented and introduced in phases will seek to reduce the time, and cost of movement. On the other hand, the machine will strive to improve and efficiency through the rapid initiative approach of responding to emergency situations at the unit.

Anticipated Outcomes

Although the initial period of implementing the project will cause a lot of inconvenience to the patients and medical practitioners, it is the belief amongst the analysis team that the situation will not cause hindrance in the day to day running and emergency cares. However, after a period of one month, measurements will be undertaken to examine the outcomes. By use of the current ratio and gross margin profit, the management will gauge the performance of the emergency unit financially. For example, the current rate will be calculated by working out current liabilities and current assets. I.e

Current Ratio = Current Assets (involving Equipment/Building/tools)/Current liabilities (Involving cost of maintenance, salaries to personnel, etc.)

Client satisfaction will be measured by use of Net Promoter Score, in which the management will measure how many clients will like the emergency services and recommend it to other likely patients. The Net Promoter Score will be undertaken through an interview, and research surveys.Repeating the entire exercise will help in giving an average result that is then used to compile the level of satisfaction. By use of the Key performance Indicator, the management and emergency unit can be in a position to comprehend and visualize the performance of the emergency unit all in one place. The KPI is a software that enables a business entity to manage, track, analyze, and create tracking data from several KPIs. It is a software that will enable the hospital management to enter information in a designated system for accurate data collection. For example, to analyze the emergency units, client details, such as frequency of treatment, payment, response, and attitude will be captured via a feedback response system and later analyzed by the KPI system. Figure A, shows a KPI measurement in which the number of patients is measured considering factors such as waiting time, status, and queue. The information can be critical in determining the response of the patients in addition to the efficiency of the system in place and the effectiveness of the state of the art equipment.

Source: measurements will be compared with previous measurements taken one month before and one month after the implementation of the proposed intervention.

Expectations are high that the total number of patients attended to in the emergency wing will increase in line with the improved treatment and diagnostic equipment. Additionally, the time taken in handling one client will significantly reduce by over 50%. However, as the staff will be learning about how to use the equipment, time taken on one patient for example, on the CT Scan machine may not match the 80% reduction in overtime. However, a significant amount of time will be saved in the long run, as the tools and equipment will offer a first and quick response to diagnostics and treatment. The analysis team looks forward to implementing all the recommendations of the evaluation proposal in line with the requirements of the hospital facility.

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