Imparting Knowledge and Values to the Young: My Journey as an Educator - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-09


Nothing is more important to me than imparting desirable knowledge, skills, and values to the young people or the learners. Being an educator is essential in the community because an individual gets an opportunity to prepare and influence tomorrow's leaders in various ways. As a child, and especially when I turned five years, I used to enjoy school moments and particularly the company of my teacher. I would wake up in the morning being very excited during every school day knowing that I would meet my teacher who used to teach me valuable lessons about the concept of helping others, sharing, respect, love, obedience, honesty, valuing differences and the importance of making moral or ethical decisions.

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I loved the way my teacher would give me a chance to retell a story, narrate my own story, or even read a story to my classmates. Due to this exposure, I became more bold and confident in front of other people without any stage fright. At home, I would demonstrate to my friends and relatives how my teacher used to teach us in class, and thus I would role-play as a teacher with my friends being my learners. I would also explain my family members in circumstances where my friends were not available. Since then, I developed a powerful passion and ambition in teaching and assisting other people.

Realizing and identifying my passion at an early stage have impacted my entire school life, whereby I have always enjoyed teaching my fellow students in class discussions and even class demonstrations. I always find myself taking up the role of leading in any group works and group discussions, which has also extended to my undergraduate studies. My experiences have made me believe and understand that education holds power to change lives, and teaching is not only a profession involving rigorous standards, but it is a calling to serve the other people in the right ways. I firmly believe that I have all it takes to become an exemplary educator in the future.

I aim to be a professor in the future. Aside from my values, I possess excellent characteristics such as creativity, ethical standards, and brilliance, which have always made me excel in my current work in the machine learning laboratory. My current work has given me an excellent opportunity to contribute my statistics knowledge to my project, and I have continued to gain new experiences and skills day by day. I have continued with my passion for helping other people, and thus I have always enjoyed assisting other individuals in learning statistics both in my working area and even outside. With the increasing use of big data as a new concept, I believe that I will utilize statistics knowledge and skill in data analysis and therefore contribute to decision making in many areas such as in business.

In the future, I hope to pursue my dream of becoming a tutor by attaining an MSc. Based on my passion, ambition, confidence, intelligence, brilliance, values, interests, calculating skills, and planned future, I'm applying for the scholarship from the Department of Statistics. I believe I am the right candidate for the scholarship, which will not only help me financially, but it will also give me the motivation to push myself academically. I hope to use this scholarship to apply for a study program, where I can learn more about my profession and diversification as I also conduct research studies.

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