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Date:  2023-08-28


An identity is the reflection of someone's thoughts and reactions, how you view and define yourself to the people, the characteristics that you portray in your daily activities and interactions with other people, and majorly the name that marks you as an independent character amongst a group of people (Noddings, 20). The image is the opposite as it refers to people's opinions about you on how you present yourself and how others carry varied views of your actions being good or bad. Factors that directly affect people are learned or adopted in various stages of growth. To choose what to take in or what not to depends on where their conscience stands, on good or bad. Our careers can color a character, a social status either acquired or by birth or evil deeds that make people be a misfit to society. Still, the mother of them all is the academic aspect of a person's life. Education act as a center of control for the lifeline we take by being shaped to various careers and others being dropouts and serving as an example of how lives without education can be dangerous (Carvalho, 120). There are primary education morals that that is taught in the early stages of childhood in the small education levels where people lesson things like respecting elders, observing body hygiene, and knowing what is right and evil. Academic standards advance and offer an opportunity to grow in mindset and learn to relate with people. We also find out what is expected of us in terms of responsibilities.

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College Education

College level of education is taken with so much intense to the life of an individual as it is the stage where academic choices and plans dominate, and one is termed mature. Your identity is entirely something to hold on and adore at this level as education continually and gradually affects every step you make, and intelligent decision you pursue that you think are best for you. One can enjoy the advantage of a great job as a fruit of education, creating an excellent social reputation that, in return, gives a stable and happy life worth living (Halliwell, 198). The career one takes in the college level is again anchored to more chances of and opportunities of landing into well -paying jobs that change your financial status and gain a royal image that is respected in the society as a root of hard work. The education principles impact an individual as you learn to be self-dependent by shaping you to be wiser to make your own decisions. In the early stages of life, children make wishes and carry dreams of what they want to become in the future depending on their field of interest; hence education comes in to convert your dreams into reality by following the necessary academic direction to your aims in life. School serves as a light on how we react to things. Some cowards and heroes can be referred to as confident people in life. Cowardice takes advantage of an individual because of a lack of knowledge on a particular field and the frustration of being criticized and ridiculed, making us inferior and weak. Education builds confidence and boldness by imparting the necessary expertise in life to handle challenges and act healthy.

Social Life

It is biased not to touch on the impact of education on our social lives when interacting in education institutions, societies, and across the countries at large. Education is not the root of every career in the world, but it is a component in developing all the occupations. Athletes engage in their talent through practice (Girouard, 32). Still, when they go to participate in various places, they in to apply discipline and also good speeches that entail studying other languages. Family is the basis of interaction where we learn to associate with family members where we proceed to our society. Society is composed of many different structures and institutions which bring people together to work towards the same goal. In academic institutions, students meet with people from different societies, with varied cultures and beliefs. Education teaches how to relate with others in terms of a culture where if one is from your lifestyle, you bond and proceed, but if they come from a different one, you embrace diversity and respect people's practices. The religious aspect is not left out. People have gained the right to believe worship who and what they please; thus, if you emerge from different religions, education amicable makes your perceptions justified, respects each other's rights, and associates with them friends (Gemeinhardt, 6). Education has played a significant role in international relations, where state officials from various countries can sit and make agreements that are meant to develop them both in economic and social life. Education has shaped our identity and image-making us acceptable and respected through how we talk and present ourselves without fear of discrimination.

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