Why Is Sight, or Vision, Important?

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Date:  2021-03-01

Sight to many beings is integral to survival. It is one of the fundamental senses that is taken for granted by individuals but has profound implications. Eyesight, for instance, opens one to the beauty of the physical world that is uniquely rare, precious and at the same time negative and uninspiring. Through my eyes, I can see what my immediate environment has to offer. I can also make choices founded on my perception of things around me. In short, sight it is an important arsenal for any being that tries to fit and live fully. Vision, on the other hand, delves further in observing concepts that are more abstract. It does not need any physical subject. It is highly dependent on ones emotions and mental constitution. Its abstract nature makes it integral as it enhances the worth of life. We envision our futures, we envision greatness, we envision the possibilities that life could ever present. Even the blind can testify to having visions and eventual desire to attain the anticipated positive possibilities.

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Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground was coined by Theodore Roosevelt to accentuate the importance of vision in success pursuit. I believe Roosevelt had drawn from his experience as a statesman and an elder this conclusive statement. The stars, as we all know, are distant and seem impossible to reach. They twinkle and shine indicating their wealth of positivity to the naked eye. In the metaphorical sense, stars beckon one to strive and yearn for more. To reach for greatness that can only be facilitated by innate feelings of self-belief, self-perception that are only availed by a visionary self. Theodore, however, reminds us the importance of being grounded on proper foundations as we pursue our dreams. One needs to take a look back now and then to appreciate his or her progress in life. Staying grounded as I understand acts as a motivating factor in ones endeavor to be successful. Theodore appeals to the need for humility and appreciation of beginnings that in most times are somewhat unappealing, negative and worth no praise. It is from this statement that I draw much of my inspiration as an individual raring for greater heights. It affirms that we all start from somewhere, and we can only pursue our visions if we truly appreciate and embrace our roots with the same zeal as our ultimate goals.

In conclusion, both sight and vision are essential for any human being. They both serve in a physical and abstract sense. Sight, as aforementioned, dwells on the observance of the physical environment that one finds him or herself. Visions, on the other hand, are abstract and appeal to the deep emotions and beliefs that help one actualize tangible goals. The two concepts are greatly ingrained in Theodore Roosevelts saying, Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. The saying appreciates the value of unlimited perception and appreciation of the success pursuit while at the same maintaining ties with ones beginnings. In short, visions and sighted opportunities can be appreciated and capitalized on when one remains grounded and in touch with the various stages along the journey to the attainment of goals.

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