I Like to Make Gel and Wax Candles Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Since childhood, I developed an urge to model or make things out of the mud. The creativity propelled me to try even much harder in making gels and candles out of the same wet soil especially the clay soil. The clay was the most preferred in this modeling segment. After growing up, the urge to engage in modeling became extreme where I followed the internet to learn on the specifics of making certain products. Most interestingly, the first products to learn on their production mechanisms were the gels and candle wax. The current paper explains the steps of making the two products and their uses.

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Making a hair gel is one of the simplest tasks that I enjoy. In its production, three ingredients are required. The materials are warm water, unflavored gelatin, and oils. To make the gel, one should take a half tea-spoonful of gelatin and dissolve it into a cup of warm water. After this, continue adding more gelatin until the required consistency is reached and stir at the same time. After this procedure, the gel is cooled in a fridge for about three hours. The final stage here is to add a few drops of other oils into this gel to make it ready for use. I like making this gel owing to its simple steps in producing it. It is quick and easy to make this hair gel, and this motivated me to venture in its production.

The other product that I like to make is the candle wax. I have used a candle for a long time for many purposes. The major one is for lighting my small room which provided a steady and flickering flame on the table onto which it was placed. Its making prompted me to question the ingredients or materials that were used in making it. Observing, I could not see complex elements that could hinder me from producing my wax candles. The impulse to make my wax candles became extreme and had to satisfy my ego by taking this move.

Candle wax is made from simple products of wax which forms the most substantial part of the candle and the wick. There are various types of wax available, and one should choose from which depends on its availability. The available ones are paraffin wax, soy, and beeswax. However, a pleasant scent when burning a candle is essential. Therefore, it is crucial to include fragrance oil that would give out a pleasant smell while burning the candle wax. The initial step in making the candle is to melt the wax to a liquid. While heating, stir to ensure that it melts uniformly and that none of the wax particles are left in solid form. At this juncture, add a few drops of the fragrance liquid and stir thoroughly to mix it uniformly with the liquid wax. The next step requires the wax to be poured in a small container with a wick held in between container. Allow the wax to cool while maintaining the wick to its position for about thirty minutes. The candle wax is ready for use after the wax solidifies.


From the above narration, the steps to make the gel and the wax candle are undeniably simple. The requirements for making these two products are easily accessible. I like making the gels, and the wax candles are owing to the easy availability of raw materials and the production procedures.

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