Scholarship Letter

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Date:  2021-03-01

In the past, I happen to have been chosen from hundreds of applicants to take part in a nutrition internship with a hotel in my hometown, I fell even more in love with this course. I also learnt a very important lesson, I got to know that this is where my strength lies; prior to the internship, I had imagined becoming a nutritional manger, working directly with food and nutrition companies in offering dietary advice to sportsmen like athletes, boxers, footballers, rugby players and many others. During the internship, I helped write new dietary proposals for the hotel, elementary schools and children homes.

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I also worked directly with the hotels food and nutrition manager and helped develop a new dietary an nutrition program for the kitchen staff on how to make more nutritious meals with well-balanced ingredients and cooking duration for every meal. My supervisor awarded me a recommendation letter for my productive services in improving diet at the hotel.

I believe that your organization typically awards scholarships to students planning to major in disciplines directly related to foodservice management, I therefore consider it prudent to apply for the scholarship so as to professionally enrich myself with adequate skills on dietary management. I feel indebted to my community and the nation at large to provide better dietary skills so as to eliminate malnutrition diseases like marasmus, kwashiorkor and anaemia among others. This shall be a milestone to healthy growth and upbringing of the young children prone to these deficiencies.

I wish to bring up a renewed effort in the society to sensitize and create awareness of proper nutritional balancing both to the young and the elderly. This will not only impact positively by reducing the infant mortality rate but also increasing the life expectancy for the elderly. I hope you will consider my application while issuing the scholarships so as to help me actualize my long sustained dream.

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