How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvements in Teaching and Learning Paper Example

Paper Type:  Research proposal
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Wordcount:  993 Words
Date:  2022-09-21

Purpose of the proposal

Looking at my past performance in the technical writing class, I have realized a grade deterioration trend. The grade score I have had in my previous tests were not my best, and I have realized that I need to change the trend by doing all things possible with the guidance of skilled professional around to get better scores. The intention, in this case, is to identify all reasonable measures that I can adapt with the help of the technical writing class professor to better my learning and eventually improve my grade.

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First identifying why having a good grade is essential. Different people have different reasons as to why they want a better grade while others remain comfortable with whatever category they want. In this case, I will describe my goal and the motivation behind seeking better grades. Good grades boost a learner's confidence, and I believe if I acquire better grades my confidence in class will improve.

Second Identification of all adaptable methods and measures that will enhance learning and eventually acquire a good grade. For example, Good grades can be achieved if one uses the right studying methods. Good studying plan and a timetable are highly recommended in this case. A plan ensures that one covers a topic systematically and thoroughly and one can self-examine themselves. Also, learners have differences in the approaches they best comply with during learning. There are learners good in discussion, and others are good doing individual research while others must continuously remind themselves what they have learned. In my cases, group discussions are quite resourceful to me, most of the things I have discovered are from group discussions with classmates.

Third identifying all things I have been doing wrong academically and all things that I have put a priority that is not adding to my academic success also may be hindering me from earning better grades. In school, it is good to have friends but if the company one keeps is not motivated towards similar goals as that of yours, then one is likely to stray away from the legitimate purpose. In this case, I have to reevaluate my goals and from there get friends who are of help to my goals, people I can sit and discuss with class proceeding and assignment.

Last Identify areas and means through which my professor can assist me to get better grades. Although students are supposed to research, experience and learn on their own, a class instructor is quite resourceful in helping a student improve themselves. Apart from assessing learners teachers act as facilitators in an education environment. They guide learner's source and apply knowledge. The professor, in this case, will be helpful as he will offer criticism and other constructive remarks that will better my performance in class.


Although good grades are not a reflection of a personal level of intelligence nor do they measure a person's education accomplishment exclusively, grades shows what one has learned and achieved in a particular field or subject within a given period. Good grades do not come along freely one must be willing to put across effort and time to seek and acquire knowledge in diverse ways. Self-confidence and a believer in oneself are also necessary when one is well composed and confidence of their strengths, abilities, and talents then they are aware of the path to follow to acquire success.

According to Schmoker (96), one should be disciplined strategic and organized to achieve grade improvement. One cannot get a better grade by doing anything or by repeating, again and again, one learning acquisition strategy use of different approaches allow one to identify what study approaches that best suit them in learning. There is a need for a plan to be in place, and this includes a daily routine from the time one wakes up to time one gets to sleep. Another strategy is organized learning, and a timetable is most useful in this situation. Proper Preparation with all the necessary learning material is essential (Schmoker, 78). In a creative writing class, one is required to have a broad knowledge of diverse subjects as the variety of information and knowledge acquired is the same expertise used creatively in writing resulting to a student better score. Having such an idea in mind one is required to research and read widely different topics because this knowledge when well enhanced translates into a learner's excellent performance.


To achieve better grades in my class, therefore, I have to comply with the following:

  • Confidence. Confidence will help me believe in myself
  • Early class preparation with the right materials. In this case, homework's must be done before class, if possible take a sitting position in class that is favorable and uses correct body language in class.
  • Good listening skill. In class, I should pay attention as good listening help one pick and recognize meaningful text. Taking the right notes in class is also necessary as
  • Identification of favorable learning approach in my case I realized group discussions work well for me and in this case its one method I look forward to utilizing.
  • Seeking help whenever it's needed from the instructor or classmates. Any problem that I'm unable to solve its only right to ask for advice or guidance on how to go about the question eliminating doubt and creating self-awareness.


The goal at the end is to get an improved scores, and this can only be achieved if I have goals and objectives to achieve. Goals keep one in check and focused. As one try to reach for the goal, one is forced to adequately comply with the right approaches that will result in achieving of desired results. Early Preparations, timetable, group work, and consultation with a class professor in my case are the approaches I will profoundly apply until I get a better grade.

Works cited

Schmoker, Mike. Results now: How we can achieve unprecedented improvements in teaching and learning. ASCD, 2006.

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