Spending Time in the Urgent and Important Quadrant: Time Management Essay

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Date:  2022-08-10

How does spending time in the Urgent/Important quadrant impact you?

Completion of urgent tasks requires that an individual should have a well-planned strategy on how to achieve it. Time management in handling urgent task is essential as it helps in the lamination of errors and failure to submit assignments within the specified deadlines. Spending enough time on urgent orders helps in ensuring that the task is completed according to the provided specifications. It reduces the probability of errors occurring. Also, spending enough time on urgent tasks is fundamental as it allows an individual to conduct comprehensive research about something and come up with a strategy for how they should be accomplished.

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When/why do you spend time in the Not Urgent/Not Important quadrant?

Time management is required when deciding on the categories of activities that must be completed first. Ideally, the most urgent orders must be completed first and followed by the less urgent ones. When there are no urgent tasks that require my attention, I will spend more time on the non-urgent tasks. Spending tie on the non-urgent quadrant is also essential. For instance, when there is nothing to be completed urgently, an individual can engage in fun activities that can help in releasing the body from stress. Also, spending time in the non-important quadrant helps to balance between urgent issues and leisure activities.

How does spending time in the Not Urgent/Important quadrant advance your institutions mission?

Students should be provided with an environment where their academic excellence is guaranteed. When teachers are directly involved, the learners have high probabilities of excelling in their studies in the long run. Achieving the mission of the institution can be done by teaching the learners on proper time management. When the learners understand the importance and strategies of managing time, then planning becomes easy. Achievement of the institution's mission is also possible in the long run.

Also, the students are provided with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. This helps them understand that there should also be time allocated for leisure activities other than studies within the learning institutions. Making the students understand the importance of having a balance between studies and extracurricular activities. Ignoring the complementary nature of the studies and extracurricular activities may hinder the students' ability to excel.

Students are also encouraged to associate with other people within the society regularly. Through association, they learn the important traits and develop positive behaviors that help in the creation of a positive learning environment. It is essential to ensure that every individual within learning institutions understands the importance of good citizenship which entails abiding by the set laws and regulations.

Give an example of a time you spent doing something Urgent/Not Important. Write 50-75 words each to answer each of the sections of this question:

While in school, our instructors would give us assignments that were needed to be completed over the weekend. The assignments would be given on Friday, and the submissions would be required on the following Monday. This meant that the weekend would be spent researching the assignment. Failing to complete the assignment over the weekend and submit it on the following Monday would lead to being denied marks which were crucial. Therefore, a lot of effort was needed to ensure I got high grades in every subject. Considering the span of time required to submit the work, it can be classified as being urgent.

I have on many occasions attended leisure activities within a learning institution. The extracurricular activities involved playing sports. The preparations for the sporting events involved going or practice regularly. I always attended training every time we were required to so that I could maintain my ability to play for our team. Through this, I was able to manage my time effectively.

In your organization, how would you demonstrate or convey trust to:

(1) Your supervisor,

I would convey trust to my supervisor by following their instructions strictly. Whenever instructions would be given to me, I would seek clarification as a sign of sowing confidence to the supervisor. Also, I would regularly report to him on the progress of any task that was being handled by other individuals under my watch or me.

(2) Your peers,

Showing trust to the peers would entail working together with them in a team. Having peers in a team would be an indication of having trust in their ability to contribute to learning. Also, sending more time with them in extracurricular activities can be used to build on trust among peers.

(3) Your subordinates,

Respecting subordinates is a way of showing trust in them. When working together, seeing clarifications about certain things at the workplace can help in establishing more trust among subordinates. Also, establishing positive communication and social relationships with them can help to boost the level of trust among subordinates.

(4) The Tribal citizens,

Trust to tribal citizens can be shown by collaborating in community activities. Contributing to community activities strengthens the bond among people.

(5) Yourself?

Participating in voluntary activities within the community and being a good leader.

"If you chase two rabbits at one time you will catch neither." How does it relate to this assignment?

To be a successful person, one is required to be dedicated and focused on achieving something specific. Considering the quote, it means that one cannot chase two dreams and end up achieving both of them equally. However, if attention is given to one of the dreams, then it is possible to achieve success with them in the long run. It is therefore recommended that people should always focus on supporting one dream and not giving divided attention which could lead to them failing gradually.

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