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Today's business environment is dynamic and therefore, employees need to embrace change. Different studies on organization have indicated that organizations which do not embrace change always lag behind. Change management is a specialized field that controls how we guide to prepare, equip and support individuals in the organization to adapt to changes in order to make the organizational operations successful. Given the dynamic changes in modern technology and their uniqueness, numerous researches indicate that there are actions we take to influence tend to influence people in their individual transition.

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Moreover, dealing with change and more importantly, the result of the change is a high priority for all organizations. A systematic approach to organizational change requires individuals in the organization to learn new behaviors and skills. In order for stakeholders to buy into change and remain committed to the change without any discomfort associated with it, individuals in the organization need to formally set expectations, employ necessary tools to improve communication and proactively find ways to reduce misinformation. Different organizations around the world have different ways of doing things its therefore necessary for organizations to do a benchmarking process in order to increase the scope of learning and ensure better service delivery as a result individuals will develop the acquired skills and put it into practice. With globalization and constant innovation of technology results in a constantly evolving business environment. Thus, this paper evaluates the impact of modern technology on organization performance.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been focused and seen as the topmost game changer in the business field in the near future. Through the use of this kind of technology, innovation and creativity will be key to the success of the business. This is because most of the technological trends that have been discussed greatly within or under the umbrella of information and data science and this mainly entails the artificial intelligence and the data machine and they directly or indirectly affects or controls the data management system. This is very vital for the existence, improvement and better performance of the business.

Artificial intelligence has greatly raised the bar and this is mainly in the customer management system in the business analytic systems development. The main trend in almost all the forms of the business is to become digital rather than doing things in a digital manner. This is a very important aspect of artificial intelligence as a form of business analytics. A properly powered artificial intelligence as per the research that has been carried out will highly help the modern technology marketers to grow and become digital at a very high rate.

The most important sign that can arise due to the of the artificial intelligence that helps shape the business system includes

There will be a shift from the available traditional form of marketing to a machine guided form of artificial marketing which will be very relevant to the business community.

There is most likely to be a proper market research oriented form of campaigns which are mainly targeting the micro markets. And through the boost of the micro markets, there will be an assurance of an improved production within the market system.

There will be an improved customer-centric communication through an improved communication system and this will improve production

Kotter's 8 Change Step

According to Kottes there are eight processes leaders can follow to effectively lead change in their organizations:

  • Creating a Sense of Urgency

Creating urgency is important since meaningful organizational change cannot take place without willing corporation of all the stakeholders' is therefore important for the leaders to take the first step to gain the cooperation of management and order for stakeholders not to feel the discomfort, leaders must be able to explain them to the stakeholders that the status of the organization needed to change for the better and that it's not safe for the stakeholders to remain behind since that would not be in their best interest. Creating a sense of urgency requires open discussions regarding the current market and competitive realities, sharing relevant financial and customer data and discussing the opportunities and challenges facing them. For instance, when all the parties involved show the seriousness and commitment to the coming change by doing away with obvious waste, sharing bad news with the organization, communication between unhappy clients and customers to understand their concern and ensuring the decisions made by the organization and management are in agreement with change communications.

  • Create the Guiding Coalition

When leaders are effective at creating a guiding coalition, they gain a high performing project leadership team whose members also believe and are committed to seeing change occur in the organization. Top leaders in the organization should empower the coalition with the required organizational strategy to lead the change effort and keep close supervision as the transformation continues. Although the importance of this stage is often sometimes overlooked, it should be at all times important to the organization, since the success of the changing effort largely depends on the quality of the guiding coalition. Coalition members must be skilled people; they must be credible to others so that they can influence others to accept change. The senior leaders too must also have a well-established line of leadership. The senior leaders must appoint smart, credible and knowledgeable people this is necessary to ensure that decisions that are made are for the benefit of the organization. Also allowing the coalition to participate in off-site building activities is an effective means for coordinating team efforts and keeping the group focused. For overall success, senior leadership must stay engaged with the coalition throughout the changing process. With an effective guiding coalition in place, senior leadership can then move to the third step of the change model.

  • Develop a Change Vision and Strategy

The change vision and strategy provides the organization with a clear path of what the future looks like after the change is implemented. At this stage, the stakeholders will be able to tell that the future of the organization is promising and only hard work and commitment is required at all levels of the organization. Managers and employees will need to understand whether or not the proposed changes are desirable. If not they will not embrace the change. Senior leadership of the organization together with the coalition must tell the managers and employees that the future of the organization is is the sole responsibility of the leadership provide direction for the organization for the future, it's for this reason that the senior leadership must retain some of the responsibilities for creating a high level of change description of the change vision and strategy. Delegating all of the responsibility for this step to the guiding coalition is not desirable; it's advisable for a member to make a first draft after which the coalition can come up with the final draft. For the process to be effective, data usage can be helpful since it shows company business data, market data, and emerging business trends. All these are relevant data to produce a sensible and appealing change vision.

  • Communicate the Vision

By communicating the change in the vision is an important aspect of building the organization. The leadership of the organization should always sound powerful and convincing in their messages. They should be able, to be honest especially in crucial talks involving the organization. They should be able to handle people's concern with commitment and honesty.By holding a conversation with all employees, the leadership will be able to determine those that are resisting change. Acceptance of the vision by the employees would be helpful if their ideas are incorporated and implemented in the whole process of organizational change. To create support and acceptance within the organization, management, and employees, the leadership should be able to talk about the new direction the organization has taken at every chance given and collect opinions from employees and their concerns. Therefore, the leadership should ensure that the visions are fully adopted across the entire organization.

  • Remove Obstacles

In addition, for change to be accepted at all levels, the senior leaders should ensure that the organizational processes and structures are in place and aligned with the overall organizational vision. If there are individuals resisting change, implement proactive actions to remove the obstacles involved in the change process. The leaders' main role is to deliver the change, they should make sure the organizational structure, job description, performance and compensation systems are all in line with the vision. Individuals who are committed to embrace and endorse the change should be rewarded for supporting the process.

  • Create Short-Term Wins

By creating short-term targets, the employees would feel motivated since with short-term targets the risks are minimized leading to quick gains from the onset. With short-term targets, all the smaller targets can be achieved with little chances of failure. When the goals have been met, the employees who are closely involved in the change process should be rewarded and acknowledged. With each win, the entire staffs get motivated and continue to put more effort for future achievements. With the profits already coming, it will clear to everyone that the organization is changing course.

  • Consolidate improvements

However, with quick at the earliest stages of the change process, Kotter argues that quick wins are no reasons to start celebrating early, that it should be the beginning of what needs to be done to achieve long-term change. Therefore an organization needs to keep looking for ways to improve and each success provides an opportunity to build on what went right and identify the areas for further improvements. The organization should be able to set goals and continue to build on what they have achieved. Welcoming new ideas and bringing in new leaders will also help in the assessment of input between the new employees and the old employees.

  • Anchoring Change in the Corporate Culture

Finally, it's important that the leadership of the organization should show continues support to the change if this happens the staffs and new leaders who are brought in would have no reason not to show commitment and honesty to the process of change. Discuss successful stories about the organization at every given time; also the change should be part of the organization culture. Since change does not occur by itself, all the organization members should change by marching with the standards and values envisioned. by replacing key leaders who are for change this ensures that their legacy is not lost or forgotten. Change in the organization should be seen in all aspects.

Action mapping

As a visual approach to training action mapping is described as a streamlined process that enables organizations and private entities to design and offer quality training to the employees. The main goal of the designers of the training system is to enable

Enable the organization to commit a measurable improvement to the performance of the business or the organization as this will turn out to an improved yield and qu...

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