Maximizing Performance: The Role of HR & Comm. in Hospital Settings - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-22


In an organization, human resources (HR) plays a vital role as it assists in meeting the requirements of an organization by improving working performance. As such, organizations' performance highly relies on the impact of human resources. The essay reviews hospital settings by examining the roles of human resources and communication within the management.

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The human resource manager is mandated to recruit and select workers who have qualified skills to ensure they can effectively fit in a certain health care position (Taderera, Hendricks, & Pillay, 2017). During the process, the HR manager is required to formulate job descriptions by conducting work evaluations to understand the roles of an employee. The concepts illustrates the skills and qualifications that an employee should have for them to vie for a position. Additionally, human resource is mandated to protect workers' welfare (Stewart & Brown, 2019). The concept helps to motivate workers to ensure they strive toward attaining organizational goals. As such, the human resource manager develops a powerful team, which is focused on achieving the organization's goals.

The development of technology, such as the internet, has made the role of HR to be more efficient. HR engage in websites to advertise various job position in health care and reduce unnecessary financial usage that experienced during recruitment. Additionally, online connection creates a good background where staff can easily communicate, especially during recruitment, to ensure they get the best person for a position (Taderera et al., 2017). Employing the right workers in a position gives the HR manager a good chance to communicate and monitor the performance. As a way of improving performance, human resource managers use email to send and receive information regarding organization operations. For instance, when an organization changes its policies, the HR manager uses the technology to inform all workers about the new system (Stewart & Brown, 2019). Communication plays a vital role in improving performance as it assists in connecting departments together. As such, it is much easier for health practitioners to make a decision regarding health care services.


In conclusion, HR is a crucial aspect that controls performance in an organization. Technology development has highly changed how HR performance. The concept impacts how employees and managers communicate within an organization.


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Taderera, B. H., Hendricks, S. J. H., & Pillay, Y. (2017). Human resource for health reform in peri-urban areas: a cross-sectional study of the impact of policy interventions on healthcare workers in Epworth, Zimbabwe. Human Resources for Health, 15(1), 83. Retrieved from

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