Hitler's Racist Ideology: Superiority of Germans & Discrimination of Jews

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Date:  2023-03-26

Before Hitler joined the Nazi party, they were a highly racist group. When Hitler joined the party, he expanded on the ideas as well as marketing them. Hitler and the Germans had a racist worldview. Hitler understood that people could be separated based on hierarchies and races. According to Hitler, one race was superior to the others. Besides, Hitler always considered Germans superior to any other race, terming them the "Aryan." Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Jews were an inferior race, and they only weakened other races and overtaking the world (Faison et al. 1985). Hitler claimed that the Jewish race destroyed the pure Aryans and that they should not live in Germany. At the same time, Hitler wanted to remove homosexuals, Sinti, Roma, the disabled, and other minorities from Germany; people who he considered were not part of his Aryan race concept.

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Reasons why Germans Supported the Holocaust

Germans bought into the concept of Hitler of the Aryan race because anyone who was against Hitler as the supreme leader would suffer death or torture. This video presents Hitler as an extreme nationalist, where he believed that the German Aryan race needed to dominate. The Germans allowed the situation to continue because they believed in the mission of Hitler. The good people of Germany believed that Hitler was forming fit and completely obedient Aryans (Faison et al. 1985). They believed that these policies would help with the unification of Germany and placing the country as the strongest nation globally.

Victims of the Holocaust

The Jews who suffered this ordeal did not resist the inhumane and anti-Semitic approaches of Nazi Germany. Most of the Jews did not believe that the Nazis would act the way they did until the situation was very late to avert. The Nazis made way into other lands and acting against the local Jewish populations with force, brutality, and speed. Duiker (2015) argues that the Jewish in Germany made a small proportion of the population, and they could not oppose the regime successfully. The Jews resisted and fought back. This video presents that while some of the Jews resisted, they could not overcome the Nazis who had the advantages of resources and numbers (Faison et al. 1985). The Jewish resisted the Nazis in different ways, even in camps and ghettos, where they managed to preserve their religious and cultural identity. The Jews maintained prayer groups and schools, while others organized artistic and cultural groups. Most people wanted the universe to know what happened, and they kept diaries that were later published.

Video Analysis and Reflection

One part of the video that touched me was when the images about the holocaust victims are shown. These pictures reveal the extent to which the holocaust affected the Jews. The picture also showed how and why the holocaust happened. In light of the above section in the video, it helps towards understanding what it means for the Jewish children and victims of the holocaust (Faison et al. 1985). As an observer, this section helped me identify with the concept of the holocaust and the radical nature of the Jewish during the entire process. The Nazis sought power and cleansing of Germany from inferior races, and this video brings up this concept appropriately.

Effectiveness of the Writings/Images in the Video in Relating the Holocaust to Viewers

The images in the video are accurate and effective in relating the holocaust to the viewers. The holocaust was a serious historical event that defined the course of actions in Germany. At the same time, the holocaust helped in underlining the issues that affected Germany and the aggressive actions of Hitler (Faison et al. 1985). Through this movie, readers are better placed in understanding what it meant for the victims and survivors of the holocaust. This movie also underlines the actions that were undertaken during the holocaust by both the Jews and Nazi Germany. Therefore, the movie was effective in relating the holocaust to the viewers.


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