Essay Sample on Othello: Love, Hate, & Tragedy in Shakespeare's Classic Play

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Date:  2023-05-02


Othello is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is a story of a general who is an African in the Venetian. The African general is tricked and finds himself suspecting his wife of committing adultery. William Shakespeare illustrates the theme of love in Othello mainly through the characters, including Othello and Desdemona, and the theme of hate through Iago. The play is typical of many other Shakespearian tragedies that William has authored, including Romeo and Juliet, since love is conflicted. However, Othello has not sinned against people in various ways.

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Roderigo is a young man who loves and hopes to marry Desdemona, although the latter is planning to become married to Othello, the moor. In an attempt to prevent the marriage, Roderigo and Iago accuse Othello of using magic to seduce Desdemona, which causes his father to sue the potential bridegroom at the office of the Duke of Venice. Othello denies accusations that he used magic to win the heart of Brabantio's daughter and instead, narrates how he told adventures of the great wars to impress the woman he loved. When Desdemona is summoned to testify, she admits that she is in love with Othello and intends to marry him, much to the disappointment of Roderigo. Othello has immense respect for his wife, as portrayed at the beginning of the play. The people of Venice adore and regard Othello highly because of military heroics, and he is described as a soldier that Venetian officials need in the war events to deliver victories against their enemies at a time when military domination was viewed as a prestige. The popularity of Othello among the people is confirmed in the play when he is always connected with his military success wherever his name is mentioned. When the Duke of Venice is presented with a case barring Othello from traveling with Desdemona to Cyprus, he snubs the complainant, Desdemona's father, in favor of the former. However, the Duke is also keen to consider the opinion of Othello's wife by asking whether she is willing to attend and accompany his husband on the journey. He finds Desdemona as loyal to her husband since she openly portrays his unconditional love for a war hero.

The Tragic Relationship between Othello and Iago: Betrayal and Jealousy

From the play setting, Iago seems to be an honest man, although the character trait s recognized by Othello, who regards the man as a trustworthy individual and chooses to trust his words over his wife. However, the audience considers him an untrustworthy person who secretly plots a scheme to tears apart Othello's relationship with his wife by accusing her of infidelity. Iago manages to convince Othello that Michael Cassi had wiped his beard using his wife's handkerchief because he had learned that the piece of clothing was an essential component of their romantic relationship.


Conclusively, although Iago and Othello were best friends after working together for a prolonged period, the former was jealous of the accomplishments of the latter on the battlefield, which compromised their loyalty and trust for each other. Conversely, Othello believed that Iago was the only person he could trust since he seemed so well behaved, supportive, and loyal. However, it never occurred to him that his old friend was doing this out of pretense and was jealous of his fame and beautiful wife, as well as the cordial relationship they have developed for each other.

Work Cited

Shakespeare, William et al. Shakespeare's Othello, The Moor of Venice. Published By Richardson And Lord, 1823

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