Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-25

Alice' Adventures in Wonderland

This is a Story about a girl named Alice who goes through a series of strange physical changes. A catastrophic and unavoidable loss of childhood purity is among the main themes that the story talks about. Alice feels sad and traumatized by the changes that are occurring to her body. In chapter one, she gets upset every time she discovers she is too big or too small to get into the garden. The changes happening to Alice represents the innocence that children lose when they start getting frustrated by the changes that are happening to them. In Chapter 5, Alice losses control over some of her body parts when her neck develops to an absurd size.

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Death is a relentless and underlying threat is another subject that the story brings out. Alice continually finds herself in circumstances where she risks death. Even though these threats never materialized, they imply that death prowls behind the absurd situations in the story as an outcome that is present and could occur. In Chapter one, death emerges when the author says that Alice would not say anything about her falling off her own house because there was a likelihood that it would kill her. Alice realizes that death surely is a significant threat in wonderland and her expectation of the wonderland are intensely horrific as they may appear to be.

The lies in the question of identity; the identity of who is Alice? Alice' feeling of who she has become is under continuous assault from the way that her body undergoes a lot of changes in the means that she fails to control. In chapter five, she tells the caterpillar that she is going through problems with her identity. She says. "I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir" Because I am not myself you see." Alice confusion about identity becomes one of the main themes of the story (Carroll, 46).

Through the Looking-glass

This book based on the ending of childhood and innocence of Alice' childhood. The loneliness of growing up is a theme that emerges from the story. Alice 'companions are her cats before she goes into the looking glass world. In the looking glass world, she starts to seek understanding and empathy from the people she meets in this world; however, she continuously gets disappointed. She is treated rudely and without compassion even in the next world of the looking glass. This has made Alice believe that loneliness is an inescapable part of growing up and that she has to face the loneliness alone.

The means of language to change the world is another dominant aspect that the book talks about. In this book, language has a way of causing events to happen. In many settings, Alice recites her nursery songs which lead to Tweedledum and Tweedledum Humpty Dumpty and the lion to perform the things that she describes in her rhyme. The flowers recount that through their language, the trees can scare an enemy away by their "bark." Language can change things and that even trees can communicate to change situations.

The looking glass takes place a few months after the adventures in wonderland. After trying to understand the other world on the side of the mirror, Alice goes through the mirror to find a world that is organized like a chess board. As she moves through from one place to another she moves like a pawn and meets new characters.

Work Cited

Carroll, Lewis. Alice in wonderland and through the looking glass. Oberon Books, 2001

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