High School Students Using Drugs - Research Paper

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Date:  2022-12-08


Drug usage among the youth has been one of the main reasons why adolescent kids end up in juvenile deliquescent centers. Drug abuse among the child is a common practice which has attracted a lot of youth lessons on their usage and education. There has been an increased need for counseling and education on the use of drugs because t is the main reason why most of the youths end up in juvenile delinquency. Many children end up engaging in criminal offenses such as drug abuse because they think that they cannot be sentenced to any juvenile term because it is not enacted able as per the laws. It is thus necessary that they are taught on the need to be law abiders because the Netherlands laws will soon begin to enact such laws and have drug users especially the youth to the law on such accounts. The drug is a case that is very dangerous to young age children who engage in such practices for fun and out of peer influence. It necessary that there be laws that punish the children who participate in illegal drug abuse to protect their future interests in life. (Ormerod, D., & Laird, K. (2018).

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On the issue on whether high school users of drugs will be going for further juvenile delinquency, I will be focused on taking interviews with the students and try to analyze whether drug usage has led to them engaging in other criminal offenses. Juvenile delinquency is also another reason that supports the continued use of drugs in significant school. Without the fear of being prosecuted by any judge, school children find themselves easily lured into engaging into the unlawful act and thereby end up committing some severe criminal offenses. Close interviews with the students will help in my research because I will be able to physically analyze the students and get the nature of the situation from them to help better my understanding on the study as a whole. Further juvenile delinquency seemingly is possible because of the increased criminal activity that the children engage in as they continue abusing drugs at school.

Research Design

The nature of our research design was the longitudinal research where we conducted some research studies on the students for various time and period. We observed the students at different times to see the effect of drug abuse and the nature of behavior they engage in at that time of their influence. The research was conducted in the schools where we used surveys to help in getting the students to respond to our research question. The longitudinal research design was best suited for the research question because it allowed us time to interact with the students at a different time and places to collect the required data for the study. The longitudinal research design was best suited for the study also because students are usually open when not in school and therefore having the research at homes and in the neighborhood was the best choice.

The longitudinal research design is best suited for the research question because it will allow for a greater focus and scope of data collection. Since we are dealing with students and the issue of drug delinquency, having the chance to interview the students both at school and when they are at their homes is the best approach and view towards getting the necessary and required a response to the research question. Students are tricky people especially when it comes to such matters of drug usage. Mostly they will tend not to respond when they are in an environment where they seem not safe or okay to open up. Such are the reasons why longitudinal research design would thus perfectly fit the research because it is through interacting with them on their usual off school time that we can get the information that we require. It is also the time when they can freely engage us in the talk and help get the answers and respond to the research question.

The research design will engage the students at different times in their activities. We will conduct surveys on the teachers and see if they can record any different behavior or cases of drug use by the students. Students will also be interviewed in the same situation. A follow up on the student outside school will also be conducted because it is easier for students to open up at such time when they are not in school. Such an approach will quickly see the research study go smoothly because we will be able to get the views and stories on both sides of the teachers and the students. Another approach of the research design was to ask for police and the courts to see if they can open some files on the cases of drug delinquency. It would greatly help in finding some additional sources to back upon the study on drug delinquency. Our independent variable was the students, and the teachers were to be our dependent variable during the study.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The primary advantage of the research design was that it allowed for the research study to be conducted at different places and time. Longitudinal research design allowed for easy assessment of the students both at school and when they are at home. Since students are tough to influence to open when at the school, the nature of our research design thus came in as the best because it was easy to have them open up on the interview while they were not in school. The research design significantly offers strong internal validity because of its openness to allow for the study of the research question at different times. The research question being on the validation of further juvenile delinquency on drugs abuse by students, the research design was the best way to handle the study. The court and the police were able to allow us to view some of their record on past cases and their view on the matter. Teachers and the parents came at hand when they were interviewed to record on the behavior of their students and if the further juvenile delinquency should be carried out. (Emerson, R. M. (2017).

The study too had some weaknesses to it, besides the research is a very high approach to education; it was also tough for us to gather factual information from the student at school. The students were unable to open up on the issue of drugs because of the fear of being reported to the administration. The problem became our biggest weakness and disadvantage because at school was the best time to gather original information where all the students were available and would easily be assessed. Again, some courts could not allow us to have records of past cases. It was tough to convince them to let us go through their records and this set in as a major setback because it is only in the courts that we could find the ideal situation on the research question. (Slaughter, A. M., Hein, S., Hong, J. H., Mire, S. S., & Grigorenko, E. L. (2019).

The major weakness of our internal methodology was the fear of wrongful information provided by the participants. We found out that some students only engaged in the interview exercise out of malice to others. It was a threat to the outcome of our study because it would result in the wrong and uninformed judgment and conclusion in the review. In this setback, we resolved to ensure that the participants are selected correctly to ensure that we don't end with participants who are not adding value to our research question but preferably are into corrupt the study. The weaknesses although did not influence the outcome and generalization of the investigation, they, however, were there to challenge the process and have the research team on toes to do quality study research.


Juvenile delinquency on drugs has been a significant concern on the Netherlands since the continued criminal activity that accompanies has been worrying. The purpose of the study was to ascertain whether there was a need for further validation of juvenile delinquency. Interviews were the principal methodology used in the collection of data and students, teachers, and a police officer was the primary variable in the study. The increased drug usage by juvenile and the criminal activity that is involved after that had triggered the need for the research. It was to see if their reasons to have such student face further juvenile delinquency. Drug usage among students is hazardous because of the dangers that they may face in the process. Criminal activities are a violation of the laws and thus there should laws enforced to discipline the students who engage in the drug abuse.


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