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The health sector is a vulnerable group that necessitates the use of external agencies. For the group to improve quality services and get rid of traditional way of care giving methods. This paper will discuss points about how the health sector working together with agencies will enhance the quality of the health sector. The health care sector is vulnerable to external agencies because it contains diverse perspective regarding the quality rendered to its customers and the importance to merge with external care giver. Some of these perspectives include:

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Perspective of the Customers:

The health care users are also regarded as stakeholders because they give money to expect the services in return. The quality rendered should be top-notch and also meet the requirements of clients. For the effectiveness of these services, numerous health care sectors seek external agencies support.

Perspective of the Workers

Health practitioners, professionals and other service providers are also considered as stake holders who play a big part in maintaining quality of the services rendered to the users. The external agencies are used to introduce such, motivated and trained staff to ensure that the company produces accurate services at a cost effective plan.

Perspective of Technical and Functional Quality

The good results of health and social care services depend on the Technical end and the efficiency of the quality of service rendered. The creation of total quality management will ensure the excellent outcomes from the health care service giver. Other operative measures of quality control the significance of keeping detailed information something that is very expensive and hard to maintain, thus calling out for external agencies for assistance.

The external bodies regulate the standards as well as ensuring that the quality of services reaches the end users. Their ultimate goal is to provide the necessities of the customer and ensure they receive the best services. They are regarded as external agencies because they are not within the company, but provide their own frame work of how to mitigate a problem within the scope. The main aim of this study is to explain why the health sector is vulnerable to this type of agencies, the problematic factors, approach, and how to mitigate the current situation in various health sectors across the globe. Today, health sector is depicted as one of the most lucrative business; however, it is not easy to penetrate to the global market. The market is too competitive and needs a lot of capital to maintain a good record for a long period of time, thus making the health sector vulnerable to external agencies. A good example of these agencies includes:

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National Institute for clinical Excellence is a very renowned external agency the United Kingdom. Since 1999, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence has been providing effective advice to its clients. The primary role of this organization is to provide significant approaches about various problems in different companies across the UK.

NICE creates guidance as well as suggestion on the grounds of confirmation for those who undertake social health cares well as public health.

NICE develops quality metrics and principles for health groups and organizations

NICE also offers a wide arrange of data services to all its members related to health care and social care services.

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is an autonomous agency the controls health and social care in UK. Subsequently, they operate in the following customs to mobilize the health and social care (CQC, 2015).

They ensure that ideal services meet the necessities and the principles of the services. This means that the clients should get excellent services every time they visit a certain firm that is controlled by the CQC.

CQC registers care services that only meet their principles

The main aim is to Inspect, regulate and monitor health and social area to make sure that they are of top-notch values.

It protects and ensures that the rights of vulnerable people. Furthermore, it looks after those are restricted under the Mental Health Act.

It conducts surveys to the health users and ensures that the identified problems are addressed accordingly.

It initiates working relationship with the health companies, locals, and people in general. By involving them into partnership contracts.

It strives to monitor all service providers, aiming to retrench the worst providers in the organization.

It also makes reasonable and authoritative judgements, accompanied by the best data and proof.

Lastly, it takes all indispensable actions about social or health care services deteriorating to meet basic and elementary standards of quality as well as safety.

Operates in-depth inspection and analysis look at care services (CQC, 2015).

The Reason for Health Sector being Vulnerable to External Agencies

The most fundamental reasons for health sectors to meet the high quality standards is mainly because the end users are likely to suffer. Thus, if the standards dwindle and quality of the health group is not configured accordingly, then there are likely serious repercussions. This makes the health and care giving sector one of the most vulnerable organizations globally. To fulfill the expectations of the clients, the health group/organization should critically scrutinize the standards of the services offered. Planning and regulating health sectors may not be the sole actions a health firm should consider in expense of other less vulnerable organizations. Undeniably, quality must be guaranteed. The paper will discuss the impacts of poor services that are highly unavoidable making the health sector business a nightmare and the vulnerable. Categorically, these impacts can be divided into three basic segments. Firstly, the inefficiency of the care givers. Second and important is the safety of the patients. The third part is the poor services that impact poor results in view of the patients.

The Health and Social care providers hold a very huge responsibility of ensuring that the results meet the expected criteria in regards to clinical medicine management. Poor services may cause huge damage to the patients and this can also cause a natural disaster. Hence the service user may face bad results that may ruin his/her life forever. The external agencies given the chance take charge of regulating and governing this health groups whenever needed. Also, the government has a way of dealing with such careless mistakes; it may include: Penalties, restrictions and cancellations of the license.

The Role of External Agencies

Institution of Medicine (IOM) has provided framework to determine the standards and improvement of health care, this framework involves both public health and social care. The assessment has six motives for the improvement for the health and social care; they include:

Safe: maintaining the safety of the patient and preventing any kind of harm from the health care. The main aim of the health care is to take good care of the people and this is what makes it highly vulnerable.

Effective: ensures that the services are delivered according to the depth in scientific knowledge based on who benefits more from the service and refraining from exploitation and underuse of anything harmful.

Patient-centered: ensures that the health care groups are be able to provide services that match the needs of the patients. All actions should be customer based. .

Timely: the services should be carried over in a particular period of time. And should not delay any treatments to ensure the patients wellbeing.

Efficient: it should reduce waste, and ensure proper management of supplies and hospital equipments.

Equitable: Should provide care to all, irrespective of class, gender, race, age, ethnic groups and socio economic condition and so on. Everyone is entitled treatment, should not vary from individual to another CITATION The16 \l 2057 (Anon., 2016).

The above framework helps us to comprehend the criticality of health sectors and why they are vulnerable to external Agencies. However, various frameworks have been released about the same but most of the frameworks only cover a small portion of the study i.e. safety and effectiveness. IOM puts the frameworks to show the importance of the clients or customers and what should be done to be able to fully fulfill their needs and get the intentions of health and social care.

The barriers of external Agencies

There are quite a number of external barriers that exist among the inter-agency where less interaction is a norm. The external agencies are autonomous regulators; this means that they follow their own guiding principles and policies. In this light, they have the same goals but work with different approaches and style. Also, the judgment and implementation is different. Moreover, the external barriers exist in application of legislation of policies. They lack curative measures because of the lack of well structured documented procedures that become barriers in maintaining quality in the health care sector.

The Effectiveness of the External Agencies and Procedures used in Health Setting to Achieve Quality

Regardless of the barriers, the External agencies still play a very big role in implementing top quality management and appropriate measures that result to ultimate excellence of the health care group. In the health and social care, the success of a health company or sector is determined by the satisfaction of the patients health. The external agencies together with health care organization provide effective measures in ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Case in Point

In 1994-1995 the World Health Organizations budget was $1,872 million; sadly, $628 million went to the disease control program (WHO, 2016). According to WHO the largest single disease control budget was $181 million that went to the control and prevention of AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases. Consequently, the program incorporated the control of tropical disease an allocation of $118 million and $80 million for tropical disease investigations. The outcomes of bad health have been adamant during the previous decades; the role of this agency is to allocate funds to improve the health system infrastructure, development of human resources for health, and the fundamental health care in general. WHO spent $404 million maintaining the quality these programs.

National Health Service trust is an organization that premeditated to operate a designated area or has specific task: for instance, providing ambulance services for the patients. NHS trust plays a very big role for presenting surgical and medical treatments, thus its general role is helping the care givers accomplish implementation excellence.

Local authorities have a very big part to play to ensure that quality health and social care duties are undertaken. They should be able to take proper care of the worlds population and maintaining health. They should formulate tactics to deal with hazards as well as sourcing qualified professionals with extensive training in order to achieve health excellence.

Measurements for Quality: TQM has quantitative measurement approach for the situation whether it is improved or not. Normally, patients satisfaction defensible measured by doing surveys. Previously by deciding the cost observant, conk buster productivity, availability of services, the quality perhaps measured. A design of 1996 on TQM that was republished in 2010 by "Health subsid...

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