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Many people in the contemporary environment engage in social work. The importance of engaging in social work is that the individual gains a feeling of gratification. Most of the social work carried out is for charity, where the participants do not expect any form of payment. Most of the social work carried out is meant to address indigenous people, and some of the problems that they face. Even though most of the work carried out by social workers is free, some of the activities are court-mandated. The court mandate is where a person is instructed by a judge to engage in community work for a specific amount of time in a week. For a better understanding of the state of indigenous children in Canada, noting the applicable framework offers assistance.

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Emerging Theory and Practice Framework

The framework incorporated focuses on the needs and expectations of the people that I serve. The specific theory under which the structure operates is the systems theory. According to (Howe, 2017), the systems theory holds that it is essential to focus on the rewards and the attributes of the people living in a particular system.

I seek to incorporate the indigenous theory approach provided the fact that my framework will involve working with indigenous children. Comprehension of the culture of these people is essential. When I understand the background of these children and their background, I can relate and comprehend what they are going through. Moreover, if I speak using their dialect, I can establish a personal bond with these people. The children are rather delicate and talking to them using a familiar language; there is a high possibility that they will open up and thus have me learn more about them, consequently assisting them in their problems. Jordan's Principle is one that offers children a priority when dealing with matters jurisdictional when seeking to provide healthcare services (Blackstock, 2012). Through comprehension of this principle, there is better management of issues facing these children.

Another theory to apply is anti-oppression theory. I incorporate the anti-oppression rule to ensure that these children receive quality treatment. Different organizations and government institutions look down on these children and also fail to recognize them when allocating resources. I work to ensure that the plight of these children receives a priority. Like any other members of a country, the indigenous children also have rights. I employ the theory to ensure they get the assistance they require from the government and other social institutions in the environment where they reside.

I also employ the systems theory involving the incorporation of different disciplines and strategies to resolve a particular situation. Personally working as an individual does not have a huge impact, and I cannot assist the indigenous children as much as I would wish to. However, by ensuring that I work alongside other none-government institutions and willing government institutions can see a change. Gathering all the different resources that these different systems contribute is essential in ensuring there is a better resolution of issues affecting the young indigenous youth.

New Learnings

There two concepts that emerged and that influenced my current framework for practice. One of the issues that came up is rethinking resilience for indigenous people where there is the identification of factors that bring about resistance (Kirmayer, 2011). Initially, I did not understand the reason as to why the indigenous people were resilient. I had the notion that they just acted the manner they did to have the attention of authorities. However, as time progresses, I changed my mentality. Reason for changing is that I understood the problems that they were going through.

Indigenous children are innocent, and owing to political factors in the country; they suffer the blunt. I seek to ensure that the rights of these indigenous people remain intact. Having these children suffering is detrimental in any society. Rather than oppressing these children, the government needs to assist them. Owing to government ignorance in handling the issue, I advocate for increased resilience in this group of people.

The other aspect that I came to comprehend and develop is the two-eyed thinking approach. Through the two-eyed approach, it is essential to note that the needs of the indigenous people living in a particular location receive an understanding by private organizations as compared to the government (Martin, 2012). The government is rather ignorant of the needs of these people, but social workers and private institutions are the most effective in resolving matters plaguing this group of people.

A Two-Eyed thinking approach is an integrated approach where there is the incorporation of different aspects to resolve a problem effectively. The issue of indigenous children ought to be handled using this two-eyed thinking approach. When the matter is addressed through different perspectives, it is possible to identify the best means through which it can be resolved. Moreover, there is the setting of a foundation identifying future strategies to incorporate in the assurance that an issue is addressed effectively. The government working alongside other social institutions can see to it that the problems facing these children receive quality attention.

Skills and Abilities

A skill to develop or grow is that involving the analysis of historical data on the indigenous children in Canada. Engaging in research to comprehend the issues that the indigenous children in Canada face is essential. When I understand the challenges they have faced in the past, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the conditions that these children live and tribulations they go through reduces. I believe that through a better understanding of these issues, there is the assurance that I will improve their conditions and will feel gratified in my work.

I believe that ensuring that I review the history of the issue is essential for I will note where in history, we went wrong. In the past, indigenous children have lacked assistance. People did not have the required experience to handle different types of situations. However, I believe that by going through a historical analysis of these children, I can handle the problems they face. With this strategy, I can help curb the issues that the children face.

Some of the skills that I hope to improve if I am to do social work as my career path is effective communication. In the past, people have identified that I am shy and do not express myself as articulately as would be expected. To gain an audience and to gather respect from the various groups I associate with, I am supposed to be fluent in communication.

Through fluent communication, I can understand the various issues plaguing the indigenous children. Some of these children lack the support of the government and even their families thus leaving them hopeless. By learning to communicate fluently, I can comprehend the issues facing these children and therefore offer them hope. When I develop proper communication skills, I can submit complains to relevant authorities effectively. Ultimately, they will comprehend the state of affairs in the remote areas and work to ensure that conditions in these areas improve.

Career Readiness

Some of the areas to focus on include self-confidence. Eluding an increase in the amount of confidence in associations with people is critical (Ryan & Deci, 2017). I will increase the number of children that I will assist. At the moment, I am not helping as many people as I would hope, and this is because I lack the confidence to address large numbers of people. I am uncomfortable when speaking to huge masses, and this is because I fear that the audience may look down on me and not pay attention to what I have to address.

I am also supposed to improve concerning setting boundaries where I will ensure I do not overstep my mandate. Even though the government is the supreme authority, it is supposed to be regulated. However, the process of regulation ought to be strategic not to go against the law. Consequently, there is an assurance of a progressive social environment. I am also supposed to create a balance between my work and my personal life. Once I learn how to balance the two, I will have better relations with people across both sides.


Indigenous children have suffered a lot in Canada owing to the ignorance of the government. Social workers have contributed to the resolution of the issue by providing different services. Different approaches have been used and the two I have incorporated in my work as a social worker include an anti-oppression theory and an indigenous approach strategy. The two theories directly address issues facing these children and offer means through which they can receive assistance.


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