Health Impact of Edible Schoolyard NYC Program in the East

Date:  2021-03-10 01:35:02
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A midterm report is conducted at different stages of the project to ensure that the progress of the project is monitored and evaluated. Additionally, the report enables the members of the project as well all the stakeholders improve their future performance for the successful implementation of the program. We developed collaborations agreement at the beginning of the project, which was aimed at guiding the conduct of the members. Additionally, the collaboration agreement was meant to provide a framework for the meetings of the members and a schedule for the different tasks of the project. Our project is that of Assessing the Health Impact of Edible Schoolyard NYC Program in the East. Since we started our project, we have discussed the questions of the program, its goals, and objectives as well as the challenges that the project is likely to face. Afterward, on our second day of the meeting, we worked out the outlines and further refined them. This made way for the beginning of the activities of the project as the roadmap to completion was set.

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Since the start of the program, there have been no significant changes in the duties and roles of the members. This is largely because each of the members being comfortable with their particular tasks and responsibilities. As Such, an explicit and initial assignment of roles and duties has been achieved by the democracy that exists in the team. Specifically, every members opinion is welcome; minorities of the members have their say, but the majorities have their say. All the team members have known their duties and responsibilities. In this regard, most of them are more proactive than they were at the beginning of the project. Everybody seems to have a proper understanding of the project and the means of completing it. The setting down of the means of conflict resolution between members has also helped us have stability and avoid any changes in roles and duties. In this regard, we have operated harmoniously with passion and belief in each others strength and abilities in their roles. If I had only three words of advice for my team as we move forward, I would tell them to keep it up.

Accomplishments to Date

From the start of the project to this level, we, as a team have made several notable achievements. Personally, I have done several accomplishments that have made me do very well. In this regard, I will look at the team accomplishment and then my personal achievements.

Team Achievements

Team accomplishments are those, which required our collective effort and dedication. In this regard, our first major accomplishment was getting a particular project, which was in tandem with our health impact assessment (HIA). In this case, we did searches for school programs in the New York area, which was a daunting task. However, in the end, we managed to get and choose the Edible Schoolyard NYC. This program was existing in two schools; therefore, we chose the school that we will focus on by some searching about the high rate of children obesity in NYC areas. This was done by voting by all the team members.

The second accomplishment that we made was coming out with a compromised collaboration agreement. Each one of the team members was invited to propose the terms of the agreement. Our overseer was the one who led the team in formulating the collaboration agreement. It was a great achievement to agree amicably on the roles of each one of us. Together with three other members, we went to Brooklyn to pay a visit to the school where the program is being implemented. Before then, we made some form of questionnaire so that we had enough information on our main areas of focus during the visit. In the visitation, we met with Olivia Parker; the program manager who gave satisfactory answers to all our questions. She gave us treasured information, which would help us in the implementation of the program. The experience was great as we went to the garden and enjoyed seeing the kids of benefit from the fruits of the program.

Personal Accomplishments

Personally, so far I have been able to participate fully in my role as a writer of the scope with the other team members. In this role, I explored several pieces of literature about children obesity, school programs and its effect on children health, Edible Schoolyard NYC. In my search, I encountered a book that had precise and relevant information about my search topic. I met with my friend, looked at the scope outline and discussed on the best ways of writing the scope efficiently. Afterward, I looked online for the various examples of health impact assessments and settled for the current program. The various articles that I encountered in my search proved very useful in reaching an agreement on the appropriate program.

New Network Members

Since the beginning of the course and the project, I have met with two new network members. The first of those is the Program Manager Olivia Park. She was supportive as she gave us information and data about the program. When we visited the school, she invited us to come again on March 31, so that she could give us an in-depth analysis of the program. The second person is Luis Medina, who coordinated our onsite visit. He gave us different timelines that we could choose for our visit. His cooperation and flexibility was great.

SWOT Analysis

This analysis tool will look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, opportunities and threats for the project team and work to date.


Our strength lies with the commitment that every team member has in obeying the set down deadlines. Additionally, our progress and support of each other are a great advantage.


Our only weakness was at the beginning of the project where most of the team members did not attend the meetings because of work commitments. However, we rearranged the meeting time to Mondays after classes so that everybody could attend.


Being an international student, I got a chance to pay a visit to US schools and learn about their modus operandi. Additionally, I managed to know that such programs could be applied in public schools. Moreover, I got an opportunity to volunteer in the garden.


Laxity of the team members is a major threat to this program. In this regard, some of the members might get bored with the meetings and thereby relax as they think that everything is okay. This will derail the operations of the team. Additionally, the conflict between team members could also be a threat in the future.

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