Grant Proposal to Deal With Bed Bugs Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-20

Grant Proposal: Item 2 - Statement of Need

The state university of Brookside is currently facing a severe invasion of bed bugs. Students from almost all the hostels are complaining of continuous attack by bed bugs both day and night. Bed bugs are parasites which feed on human blood. They belong to the kingdom Animalia and a genus of Cimex. It is estimated that one pregnant bed bug can produce approximately three hundred adults and a thousand new eggs within a period of fewer than three months (Salazar et al., 2015). Their ability to multiply very fast gives time a high opportunity of surviving a chemical spray or any other means of killing this kind of insects.

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Bed bugs are household pests which usually hide on the sides of the mattress, bed covers, pillows, and beds. They typically thrive well in beds made of wood since they can easily hide and lay eggs. In Brookside University, all the hostel beds are made of wood hence it is easy for bed bugs to hide in both the beds and other furniture including bedside tables and closets (Dixon & Strik, 2016). According to the university authorities, the students have always complained that the methods used by the university to try and get rid of these parasites have failed and their attacks only subside a few days after a spray and resume after a week. The attacks have made some students move out of their hostels. Some of the students have fallen sick as a result of bed bug attacks.

What has made it impossible to get rid of this pest is the fact they can quickly be spread from one hostel to another. When students are moving their suitcases from home to school or from one hostel to another, they carry some of the pests along hence making it hard for the school administration to control the infestation (Dixon & Strik, 2016).

Bed bug attacks have affected students' academic performance in many ways. Some students have contemplated sleeping during daytime and study at night hence failing to attend the lectures (Goss, 2017). Some have decided to seek accommodation outside the campus which is either expensive or insecure thus many students are currently distressed over the issue.


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Grant Proposal: Item 3 - Project Description

The state university of Brookside is an institution which provides different diploma and degree programs for the needy students who managed to score a GPA of 4.0 and above worldwide. The mission of this institution is to provide quality education and a good learning environment where students can acquire both academic and life skills which can help them archive their dreams. The school vision is to produce worldwide leaders who will be able to construct and manage such intuitions which help the needy in the society (Dixon & Strik, 2016).

The school was built forty years ago to help students from low-income families all over the world by educating their kids so that they can be able to improve their living standards and those of their families in future (Dixon & Strik, 2016). After world war two, many families from different parts of the world could not be able to take their children to school as a result of the economic impacts of the war. This brought together various stakeholders to come together and built a good school where academically gifted students from the needy families can be educated (Dixon & Strik, 2016). Some students who graduated from Brookside state university are managers of big corporations while some are doing in different sectors worldwide. This is an indication that Brookside state university is producing competent graduates who can do well in the outside world (Dixon & Strik, 2016).

To deliver its required services, the school needs to ensure that all the conditions which foster quality education are met. These conditions include; modern classrooms, a modern library equipped with adequate research materials and quality accommodation for its students. This has not been possible in the recent past due to an infestation of bed bugs in both male and female hostels (Holste et al., 2016). This has caused the institution a lot of money trying to deal with the problem. The poor conditions of the hostels have made it almost impossible to deal with bed bugs hence leading to a drastic drop in student performances generally. Lectures have been complaining of an increase in the number of students who are sleeping in class and other failing to attend completely.

Considering complains from both the students and the lectures, the institution have decided to come up with a means of solving the problem. One of the main proposals was to get rid of all the beds made of wood and metallic design ones. The proposal was to build new hostels made of concrete. The furniture in the hostels will also be made up of plastics and metal (Holste, K., Holl, Zahawi, & Kobe, 2016). To be able to do all these, our institution needs some financial assistance from your organization to be able to get rid of pest harboring wood furniture and replace them with metallic ones. The school has 6000 beds made of wood and five streams of hostels constructed with timber (Dixon & Strik, 2016)r. The school is capable of financing half of the project hence the need for financial donations to help raise the other half. We believe that by highlighting our objects, it will shine more light on the reasons why the school needs to implement this project.


  • Construct new hostels with concrete walls instead of timber.
  • Replace all 6000 beds made of wood with those made of metals
  • Purchase twenty-bed bug killing machines to be used in all existing concrete hostels and the new hostels before allowing students to leave there.
  • Formulation of strategies which can help the institution in case there any other pest attack in future.
  • The students to move into the new hostels within seven months.


The construction of new hostels made up of concrete walls instead of wood is the first step towards providing a suitable environment which does not support the infestation and harboring of bed bugs. The school will purchase all the building materials from local companies and hire a construction company which is capable of constructing a state of art hostels (Goss, 2017). Five self-contained streams measuring 90 by 20 feet will be built at the cost of $30000 each. The total cost of construction will be $150,000. The school is focusing on getting rid of these parasites and designing modern hostels which provide the best environment for students to rest and even study if they have to.

The second objective is to replace all the wooden beds with metallic ones. The company will hire a company which will be able to deliver metallic beds on a wholesale price. Each bed will cost approximately $30 each which amount to 180,000 dollars. Bed bugs usually thrive well in wooden beds hence the need for hard ones. Bed bugs have a behavior of hiding even after detecting a slight movement thus making it hard to find and spray of kill then inside the cracks of wood (Dixon & Strik, 2016).

A bed bug killing machine worth 8000 US dollars will be purchased to utilize in controlling such parasites. The machine generates heat which is capable of killing bed bugs hiding anywhere in the room. Each hostel will have two of these machines so that before students are allowed to relocate to the hostel, all their stuff are exposed to bed bug killing machines in a closed room for some hours in order to ensure that all the belongings of the students relocating to the new hostels do not carry any bed begs (Holste et al., 2016).

A strategic plan needs to be formulated to enable the school to be in a position to deal with such problems. A project could encompass hostel allocation methods and designing strict control measures for such emergencies which may include evacuation (Goss, 2017). These strategic measures are meant to put the school in a proper position to deal with such challenges whenever they arise.

The totals cost of undertaking this project is approximately 490,000 dollars. Considering the current state of the hostels and the status of the school, it is justifiable to implement the project despite the high cost involved. The institution is planning to hold a fundraising event where all the alumni from all over the world are invited together with different investors from across the globe. There are many advantages associated with the project especially after completion; the school will be able to accommodate more students under favorable conditions (Holste et al., 2016). Non-governmental organizations will also be willing to contribute towards a well-organized institution.


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