Gracious Master High School: A Proposal Plan for Rugby Sports - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-16


Gracious master high school is a high school that performs best in a vast area of activities. Among the activities include academics and sports. This study aims at structuring out a precise proposal plan regarding the rugby sports performed in school. Gracious boys have for long been recognized as the top contenders of rugby trophies within their surroundings, but one of the significant disadvantages the school is suffering is the absence of uniforms which have barred their participation at the national level, when they have all the potentials to reach the highest level, if all the required necessities, especially uniforms can be provided to them. Sports uniforms have become significant barriers towards children participation in various aspects of sports (Hardy et al., 2010). Below is a proposal that the rugby department released to help them address the situation during a pre-organized fundraising ceremony.

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How the Goods and Services Will Be Collected and Used In Fundraising

To get ready for the future anticipated fundraising, the club has already appointed some of its members to work in a various department with one principal aim of making the entire process successful. For instance, some of the members have been granted telephone numbers that they should be used to make continuous calls for follow-ups to ascertain that all those who donated and promised to comply with their donations progressively, eventually do so (Allen, 2008). Among them, are also members who work to travel in places where telephone communications may not be appropriate to collect the donated goods and services and all bring them in the sports department within the school before they are later transferred to the venue. On the usage of the collected products, the club has also appointed some quality assurance team members who work to oversee that all the services and activities run as planned. They have also drawn a working plan, using the anticipated amount of goods and services that can be collected, to allocate other members to various tasks to keep the event successful.

How the Event Is Going to Be Promoted

The club has begun performing various tasks to help in the event promotion. Advertisement of the main aims of the event to the people. The prominent online services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, can be used since the platforms contain many fans that access them in most times of the day (Lu et al., 2014, February). This strategy will help in attracting many volunteers during the fundraising. Card events have also been printed, and members are currently circulating all around with some members, to give to those who may wish to volunteer or attend to the event.

The Process to Be Used In Collecting Revenue

During the day of carrying out the event, the club seniors have designed a method that will ensure that at the end of the event, a maximum amount of revenues are collected. One of the ways is to apply entrance fees for the volunteers and attendants (Wilson, 2000). After having advertised about the event and indicating the venue, many fans will attend and thus imposing an entrance fee will result in a collection of much revenue.

Ways of Presenting the Process to the Volunteers

The club is planning to reach out to the volunteers who have confirmed their presence during the actual event and present them the actual event for the entire process of fundraising. The club managers have planned to use short notice letters, highlighting all the objectives of the fundraising, reasons that led to the idea of fundraising and also the main areas that the donations will be used to assist the rugby sports develop and compete for both at national and international levels (Wilson, 2000). The club preferred this means, because, the potential volunteers will have the platform to read at their pleasure every bit of critical piece of information with a lot of clarity. Because the volunteers may come from diversified regions, it is also necessary to provide factual and clear information concerning the venue and all the requirements for the event, to avid inconveniences during the fundraising day (Wilson, 2000).


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