Psychology Paper Sample on Children's Cognitive Development

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Date:  2021-04-06

Cognitive development is a branch of study that deals with psychology that mainly focuses on children's development (Bjorklund, 2013). I chose this to be my research topic because by understanding this one gets to promote or cultivated the spirit of resilience in a child. The other reasons as to why I settled on this topic as one that deserves research was because of the numerous encounters we have with little children in our day-to-day lives. By knowing of cognitive development one is able to relate with children in a much better way and help them have, within them, the resilience culture. It is more than evident that verbal abuse from a parent is more likely to impact a child's life (Polcari, 2014). This will as well help us to know the effect or rather impact abuses (regardless of nature) have on the children we interact with (Inhelder et al, 2014). This research aims at proving that abuses from parents and guardians impact on a child's traits as well as social behavior.

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The research topic is very much relevant with my specialization and is an area I would carry further research during my study and come out with clear findings to support my claims; that parental abuses affect a child's trait and his/her social behavior. More reasons as to why this topic is relevant to my area of specialization are because I will mainly be dealing with studying of peoples mind and reasoning. Understanding these aspects in a child forms the basis of my specialization and thus the reason as to why I decide to carry out further research on this.

This topic, how does parental verbal abuse affect children's personality trait and social behavior? Understanding cognitive development and promoting resilience relates perfectly to the psychologists and parents. These two schools of thoughts are the best for this kind of topic because; the psychologist will use their understanding of the children's behavior to help solve issues that involve them. Better still, parents need to have a better understanding of the topic because they will learn on how to relate with their children as well as know the impact of abuse on their upbringing.

Just as I had stated in the objective for carrying out this research, the latter also aims at answering some of the questions regarding the cognitive development of children. First, it will answer the questions, how does a child react to abuse? What are the impacts of abusing a child to their moral upbringing? and also, what is the impact of verbal abuse from a parent to a child's social development?. It will also get to answer whether it is advisable for parents to use abuses when correcting their children or not.

The values and practices of parents and also psychologists fit this topic bets because it is through the values they portray to the children that they get to influence their cognitive development. This ideally means that parents should always try to have a positive influence on their children's trait and also social and moral upbringing through their values and practices.

In conclusion, the topic mentioned above is of great importance to my area of specialization and needs further research. It will be used in solving parent-children issues and therefore I ought to have a better understanding of it as this is my area.


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