Scholarship and My Aspiration for Cosmetology Field Essay

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Date:  2022-02-17

My name is -------- I was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. I moved to the United States at the age of 13th-year-old. I'm a Wife and a Mother to two Beautiful daughters; I'm also the Business owner. I own a salon where I offer beauty services. I also do travel internationally where I train less privileged kids on beauty and cosmetology skills. I do equip them with the required skill that will help them in offering good services to clients. One of the reasons why I decided to go back to school now is, to be a great business woman the opportunity for my business to grow also the chance to be able to educate people coming after me. Mainly, those people in need of the trade. I've been in the beauty industry all my life and one of the things that I love the most, besides making women feel and look their best, teaching the less privileged kids career in makeup hair and fashion. For the past couple of years, the business has been going through ups and downs financially, this scholarship would be a great opportunity and a blessing financially for me, and it will also allow me to be able to perform a lot of training in Africa (Larsson et al.2017). One of my dreams is to open a hair school in Africa; this decision is a step closer to that dream not just for me, but for a set of other lives that I will be able to touch and impact by my knowledge.

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This scholarship would mean the world to me. I am independently working through my college without financial assistance. An award will help me get to focus on my aspired dream of becoming a cosmetologist. It will help me get to complete my cosmetology program. A grant of the scholarship will help me boost and achieve my dream career, knowing that I did not only finish my vital mission but also understand that I got nearer to my career goals. I want to gain more knowledge and skills by attaining a diploma in cosmetology at PMTS School of cosmetology and beauty studies (Varghese, 2017). Therefore, I plan to work on my extra hard towards giving back to the society.

The award will also create a platform to further my studies towards attaining a diploma in cosmetology and dreams of having a successful career as a cosmetologist. As the first person in my family attending a college, I have always aspired to gain acquaintance on the right way to manage money and produce booming budgets. Also, I consider in giving support to my society and my family too by helping them in the financial crisis. Hence, they will not have the same financial burdens as I had when growing up. Five years from the date I ought to employ and empower the large group of youth, generating job opportunities at large, crunch the facts, appraise and work out certain financial matters (Larsson et al. 2017). A scholarship award will help me fulfill my dreams and also prove that I do possess not only being a triumphant woman but also an outstanding cosmetologist.

I look forward to work on a substantial career in cosmetology area in less than five years. This is a brilliant pathway to a lifelong career. I am agitated that I can work in the field in a moderately, short amount of time and also have opportunities for mobility in the area (Fritz & van Knippenberg, 2017). A scholarship will help me complete my studies promptly and allow me the best possibility to fully grab the substance to the best of my capability.


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Varghese, J. (2017). Fair (?) & Lovely: Ideas of beauty among young migrant women in Chennai, India. Women's Studies Journal, 31(1).

Fritz, C., & van Knippenberg, D. (2017). Gender and leadership aspiration: the impact of organizational identification. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 38(8), 1018-1037.

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