GOI-IES Scholarship: Bridging Financial Gap for Students to Study in Ireland - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-19


The GOI-IES scholarship will have multiple benefits to me, to Ireland, and my country of origin. The scholarship will address my financial challenges as I will be receiving the EUR10,000 stipend for a year of study. The money will add value to my education by catering to my costs as well as living expenses in Ireland. Additionally, my financial needs will be met through the full fee waiver of all registration and tuition costs. I come from a family of humble financial background from which I could have experienced various financial constraints during my study. Additionally, taking a master's degree in Electronic and Computer Technology in Ireland will reinforce my skills in my field of interest, which will be helpful in my later career life.

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An award of the GOI-IES scholarship will also be beneficial to Ireland as it will reflect the country as being a centre for international education. Ireland will gain popularity and reputation in terms of the quality of education offered as well as leniency in considering international students. As an individual, I will spread the message of Ireland's consideration in education matters. Nonetheless, Ireland will gain from its reputation by building skills that could be useful throughout Ireland and other countries.

The skills gained by studying a master's degree in Electronic and Computer Technology will be beneficial to my country of origin as I will solve the current demanding challenges. The government, as well as other agencies, will benefit from my study by requesting my skills whenever required. Additionally, the country will benefit from having a population with high calibre higher education, raising the awareness of other counties demanding problem-solving for any prevailing challenges.

Ireland's higher education has been a key influence on the growth of Irish society as well as the economy; hence, the need to participate in society. The higher education system already serves Irish society through a variety of frameworks. Therefore, through education, I will realize my full potential as well as my interest in generating new ideas in various areas through research. Joining the Irish society will let me participate in being a foundation for a wider development education-wise. My skills and education will be a rich asset for the Irish society as I will be an integral player in offering solutions to the various challenges raced.

Irish society also changes substantially over time. Furthermore, the global environment changes radically over time. Participating in Irish society will let me make huge contributions in framing and delivering positive change over time. Time brings with it new challenges, different employment patterns, and varying demographics. In response, my participation in Irish society will let me input my practical skills in problem-solving. Additionally, society will benefit from the intellectual stimulation from my wide knowledge.

Presently, there are multiple innovation requirements desired by Ireland. I will take advantage of the demands as well as the strategic alliances amongst institutions to participate in the society and pool my expertise with other professionals in diverse career options. I will also participate in the policies in a way that any changes in the education system could still support the goals of the innovation capacity. In response, the country will ensure to achieve a great development of goals. The society will protect my cultural diversity, accommodate my ambitions, and benefit my education in Electronic and Computer Technology.

My long-term interest in Ireland has been influenced by the country's internationalization of higher education. From a general understanding, internationalization encourages quality teaching that is beneficial to students, the country, and the countries that international students come from. Additionally, Ireland encourages quality learning and research experience for students as well as staff. Every student desires that they engage with institutions that offer quality studies that should meet their career demands. The international engagement offered by Ireland is a key interest for potential international students.

My long-term interest is also influenced by my professional aspiration and personal ambitions in the area of Electronic and Computer Technology. I feel that the diversity brought by my career option intersects with the diversity brought by GOI-IES scholarship as well as entire Ireland. I have always hoped to advance to a master's degree, and I am confident that Ireland is my definite place. Besides, advancing my studies in a reputed University has been my primary objective. Ireland offers a good balance between having the best facilities and programs as well as quality education.

The GOI-IES scholarship also contributes to my interest in studying in Ireland so that I can gain from a better education than that which is in my home country. The scholarship will address the challenge that I would have had of taking student loans and stressful learning experiences. Therefore, I will maximize my university experience in Ireland to meet my course without compromising my education. Besides, I have always wanted to add value to my resume and obtaining the scholarship will not only meet the value but also mark me as competitive and make my skills attractive to my future career tasks.

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