Essay Sample on Strategic Leadership and Big Data Phenomenon

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Date:  2022-11-22

Leadership Style Competencies Influencing the Ability to Set and Implement Strategic Goals, Analyze Data, and Make Big Decisions

Effective leadership style promotes development in an organization. For instance, a competent leadership style requires one to see opportunities through the aspect of profit and proceeds. According to Migliore and Chinta (2017), sstrategic leadership aligns with the ability to be high productivity, collaborative, and innovative with the integration of IT resources. Strategic leadership style requires one to be willing to nurture their understanding and develop the mindset to advance management, facilitate engagement, inspire innovation, as well as promote positive effects for competitive advantage.

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Palmer and Flanagan (2016) contend that goals create confidence of sustainability intention of an organization as well as accountability and transparency. Environment scanning and goal setting are vital parts of the strategic management process. Once the sustainable goals are set, the leaders ought to commit to developing strategies to achieve (Neubert & Dyck, 2016).

On the other hand, many of the contemporary issues that have an adverse impact on the organization; it is up to the effective analysis of the problem before arriving at the decisions. The Big Data era has brought a bigger perspective of analyzing the problems, the decisions are made and goals are created. The data offers analytical and arithmetic facts that are gauged before arriving at a robust decision (Kenny, 2015). Migliore and Chinta (2017) support by stating that Big Data with Machine Learning practices enables the leaders to discover more through the large data sets.

The big data leads to big decisions that are made with a clear view of the issues through information. However, 'The big decisions will always ultimately need to be made by people' (Kenny, 2015). The description of strategic thinking behaviors is a competency model applied by organizations to assess the strategic thinking ability of their leaders, and other employees and hence making big decisions. The model crosses the seven categories of strategy development, implementation, and organizational alignment (Goldman & Scott, 2016). The decision-making revolves around on the five perspectives, namely, intuition, mindfulness, organizational space, wisdom, and social improvisation. Decision-making is a natural human practice integrated with all the foibles and fallibilities of humanness that is deliberated in a holistic way (Robinson, Sinclair, Tobias, & Choin, 2017).


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