Essay Example on Causes and Effect of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Date:  2021-03-25 19:02:44
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a severe case of mental disorder that affects people at a young age and in other cases it progresses to later ages in life. This condition affects the normal functioning of the individuals cognitive system, impairments such as hyperactivity, memory problems, difficulty in thinking, decision making and solving of problems. Studies indicate that individuals with ADHD may perform very well in academic if they are not afflicted with another disorder at the same time. It is important to acknowledge that ADHD is not an easy disorder to tackle because in many cases patients undergo mental impairments such as depression and antisocial behaviors. There is no exact cause of ADHD; scientific research has indicated that ADHD is an inherited condition (Austin, Reiss and Burgdorf).

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ADHD is one defect that affects many young children in their school going age. In many cases ADHD can be noticed in children who never seem to find the things they have misplaced, children usually talk excessively, and they also fidget a lot. These symptoms are the early indicators of a child having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Once the child notices that he can never seem to keep things intact, he or she resolves to cut him/herself away from other children. In the long run, this develops into a form of depression and anti-social behaviors that are usually unhealthy to him/her. Most of the ADHD kids have a problem with communication and speech, the inability to talk to their peers, makes them sideline themselves to avoid any form of ridicule of their condition ("Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder").

Common ideology is that ADHD is a childhood disorder, lately scientific research indicates that even adults of both genders are affected by ADHD. It is said that many individuals who had ADHD in their younger days, do carry the disorder to their adult stages of life. In many cases girls are not diagnosed with ADHD because they are not active in their younger days, later on in their life, they tend to be day dreamers or show small trends of attention deficit.

Adults tend to show different symptoms that are not common to those that they presented when they were at their tender ages. The evaluation of adults when it comes to ADHD can be tested through the individuals organizational skills, easily frustrated, in the ability to prioritize duties, high temper, challenges in managing stress, challenges in keeping a single job and always defying any form of authority. All the above behavioral conditions are indicators that an individual cannot focus on a given thing and plan them out. Attention deficit is a case scenario where an individual is unable to focus on a single thing for more than 10 minutes of time. In other situations, this individual forgets any important engagements that they encounter and they do not give much thought to what they actually say as they change their minds minutes later (Austin, Reiss and Burgdorf).

These individuals are deemed to be highly creative due to their inability to recognize the limitations of life; they tend to open up their thinking and ideological beliefs to extremes. They can be very intelligent; they can also be worrisome, be underachievers and even highly doubtful of themselves. When people with ADHD were young most of them were hyperactive, when they are adults they tend to be highly insecure and completely out of control. In other cases when these individuals try to concentrate in a class they tend to struggle a lot being in there if they cant be out of the lecture hall they tend to remain inside, but they would not get anything at all.

The debate between scientists, teachers, parents and other specialists has been existent for a longtime on what is the actual cause of ADHD. In other cases, specialist have suggested that ADHD is caused by nutritional needs. A remedy to this issue is the cut out of anything sweet, stuff like Kool-Aid and ice cream are never recommended. Disagreements arise when other individuals consider that these group of children are just adjusting to the environment, in other case other people suggest that if the parent is strict, enough they wont have to deal with the child every day and drugs will be a thing of the past. Other people do not think that ADHD is not a disorder but a childs own personality and his/her adjustment to the environment.

Cause and effect principles in the life of an individual with ADHD or had ADHD at their younger day. It is important to look into the causes of ADHD; one is nutritional needs and in other cases is an adjustment to the environment. The effects of ADHD can be a lack of concentration, inability to focus, loss of personal items, inability to control sentiments, inability to prioritize activities and other impairments. It is important to learn more about the progression of ADHD on individual as they progress into adulthood. The hyperactivity behavior changes to total lack of control. Cause and effects relationships can be seen on other variances of diseases and life situations ("Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Symptoms ").

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