Fixing the Education System in California - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-05


The state of education in California has not received enough attention that it deserves, and it is sad that there is no momentum towards education reforms. There is a need to filter all education decisions in terms of policy change, funding allocation, and teachers' competence. There have been toothless Bills which give room for sexual predators to abuse children in schools. Appropriate bills to protect children against inappropriate relations with their teachers should be developed to ensure the children are safe from criminals within classrooms. Appropriate administration of the education sector will ensure ineffective teachers are removed from service and the funds are well managed within the districts (Smith, et al. 86).

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Over the past few decades, teacher training programs for specific requirements have not been run appropriately. Teachers of general education have been seen educating overcrowded classes with special needs. Training teachers for this specific group have not been considered important as the students end up learning in already overcrowded classes. This results in poor performance shown by the special need students as the districts in California don't provide individualized education plans for required to meet the need of children (Barrows and Glen 34). The state should adopt an evaluation system for new teachers to ensure the students' performance is enhanced.

Public education in California has been greatly affected by politics. Teachers unions have become a strong political force. The Unions spend most of their time and resources on political campaigns meant for educational purposes. There is a need to keep track of the money meant for education departments to ensure effective utilization. Transparency is also critical in the implementation process. School districts require more flexibility with the allocated funds and more funding for the growing number of needy students (Johnson and Hans 13).


Educational reforms are the only solution to the bad state of education in California. The interests of the learning children should be prioritized for better academic achievement (Scott and Deven 25). The education system should remain competitive, where both teacher and students are awarded appropriately for their hard work.

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